Thursday, October 13

Spiritual Formation, Day 13

Jesus is our Savior, Lord, and Teacher. He was the smartest man who ever lived.

So how DID he live? Can we live as he lived? That seems to be the question.

Perhaps, though, the real question is not whether we CAN live as he lived, but whether we WILL live as he lived.

My need is to consider how Jesus would live my life if He were I. Your need is to consider how Jesus would live your life if he were you. If we are truly interested in becoming apprentices to Jesus, we need to honestly consider the habits and patterns of our lives in relation to the way Jesus lived--and be willing to eliminate the things in our lives that prevent us from living as he did.

I wonder what those things might be?

Just to spur your imagination, I'd like to suggest that you watch the following video. I'll bet you remember this scene from Walt Disney's classic film Mary Poppins. Remember how Michael wanted to spend his tuppence to feed the birds, but his father wanted him to put that money in the bank? The movie was filled with lessons about how some things are more important than money in the bank, a prestigious job, a beautiful house, or political causes. Feeding the birds was symbolic of all the joys of life that can be missed by someone whose mind is filled with material things--even good material things.

Watch this video, and see if you can imagine yourself feeding the birds. Whether you have the money for the bird food is probably not an issue. But could you take the time to do it? Could you "waste" some time doing something as simple and sweet as feeding birds with children? Or are you too busy?

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,

for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 19:14).

**What do you think?**

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  1. As I read the Bible through this last time I thought about the things Jesus did that no one wanted to do...not even the disciples. Caring about children, eating with crooked tax men, hanging out with "women of ill repute"...

    Would I do the same things? Probably not. And that hurts my heart to know that. Oh, Jesus, make me more like You!

  2. Richella, my heart's desire is to allow Jesus to live in and through me. But how often I fail! My flesh gets in the way. But when I spend time in the Word and prayer, it helps me as I begin my day. It reminds me that His Spirit is alive within me. Isn't that amazing that He chooses ordinary people to work through?

    I loved the video! It's been too long since I've seen movies like Mary Poppins. What good reminders for us!

    What has helped me is to write down my everyday blessings. In the midst of some very trying times, this has helped me to appreciate the little things in life. My husband and I watch the rabbits and quail each morning in the backyard of our rental. They nibble on the carrots that we place out there for them. I doubt we would have done this in the past when we were way too busy.

    I loved your post and reminder.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Wonderful post Richella! It is always thought provoking to think about how Jesus would see things...I'm sure so differently than us. I think, among Christians, there is often a general lack of knowledge of not only who Jesus really is but also personal knowledge of Him through prayer and reading the Word. That affects how people represent Christ. Our ministry is focused on homeless vets, and now on feeding residents of a local homeless shelter, etc. We have really been trying to get our people focused more outside in the community on who Jesus calls "the least of these" and that spirit is spreading. There is nothing like taking the servant example Jesus provided and serving others. It also makes me feel like we can never do enough.

  4. I think that this was a timely post for me. Today was our 1st day of Bible study for our MOPS group, and we're doing "Victoriously Frazzled." I've been thinking a lot lately about taking more time for the most important things!

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  6. What a beautiful reminder, thanks Richella. Perspective is so hard to gain in any situation but when it comes to possessions & abundance, I think we forget how much we *already* have & the bare essentials of what we *really* need. No one really needs, tv, toys, or the latest gadgets & its scary that we now can't fathom life or function without them; that's not "money in the bank". To me that "money" is emotional ivestment in those I love, my church, & community...this is a lesson I'm *always* learning. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  7. A wonderful post and a reminder to slow down and enjoy the small things.

  8. Thank you for a touching post, Richella. I sadly admit I've never seen "Mary Poppins" but just hearing the clear, beautiful voice of Julie Andrews was a wonderful reminder to me of the miraculous gifts God can place before us. My parents gave the children birdfeeders, bird food, a stand for the feeders and a holder for their water earlier this summer. Now at each meal we look out at them together and bring out "The Birds of North Carolina" to see what types of birds are feeding. Seeing my children's faces light up when they see a male and a female cardinal or "Sam," the yellow finch who often visits, is food for my soul and a strong reminder that, no matter how tough times are or what difficulties I may face, I am extremely blessed by these precious gifts God entrusted to me. Perhaps in some small way I am closer to Him in that very moment.

    I am going to pray like Heathahlee: "Oh, Jesus, make me more like You" for the balance of these 31 days.

  9. We just get stuck in a rut and do what's "safe." Busyness has consumed us (me, too.) Doing something outside of our church or home walls is what our Role Model shows us :) To just "do it" ..... (PS Before I read this today I contacted 2 of my friends whose mothers passed away this week and asked if I could bring a meal to their families. Even though I'm busy, I asked how I could help.) Love you, friend!


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