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Do you ever 
find yourself stuck in 
the comparison trap? 

I know how that feels.

I've struggled with comparison 
for most of my life, 
and beginning a few years ago, 
I became determined 
to do something about it.

I read every article I could find about comparison.
I read books about it.
I listened to every talk about it.
I looked everywhere I could for advice.

And some of it was pretty good. . . but most of it was—to put it bluntly—NOT HELPFUL.

So I started studying the subject more closely, and I began seriously working with God on the issue. After awhile, I realized that God had given me something to say about this topic. This book has been in the works for so long.  Fast forward through making a book proposal, signing a contract with InterVarsity Press, submitting a 1st, then a 2nd, and finally a 3rd draft (third time's the charm!), and FINALLY. . .

Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison will be here soon!

Available now for pre-order!
Want to hear more about why I wrote the book? Watch this little video:

I'm so excited about the book's cover. You can actually see yourself in the phone screen on front of the book! I'm hoping you'll be able to see yourself in the story, too.

I've also written a prayer companion to Mythical Me that I'd love to send to you for free if you purchase a copy of the book. Just fill out this form and it'll land in your inbox.

Want to take a closer look before you decide to purchase a copy? You can read all about it AND read the first chapter at InterVarsity Press. 

Here's what people are saying about Mythical Me:

"It's so easy to say, 'Don't compare yourself to other people,' but how do you practically live out that simple advice? How do you let go of the exhausting experience of thinking you have to be better than the parade of perfect people online? How do you let go of the mythical me who never makes mistakes? Richella has done the hard work of answering those questions and many more in a beautiful quest to wrestle comparison to the ground. I needed this wonderful book, and if comparison has ever prevented you from experiencing the joy of your own life, you might too."
—Jon Acuff, author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done
"For years Richella Parham has been a kind and consistent voice of truth in my own life. Now her hard-won wisdom is available to anyone who struggles with comparison, inviting readers to find hope and healing in the circle of Trinitarian community. Mythical Me is a thoughtful blend of personal story and solid theology, and I'm grateful to Richella for writing it."
—Emily P. Freeman, author of Simply Tuesday and The Next Right Thing
"Mythical Me is a sorely needed corrective to our contemporary culture's obsession with constantly adjusting our personal and public image to fit hopelessly impossible standards. The wonderful news is that Mythical Me not only provides an accurate diagnosis of these soul-crushing habit patterns, it also guides us step by step into transformative ways of living and thinking that are eminently practical and life giving. I recommend it highly."
Richard J. Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline

I'm so excited about Mythical Me! Please leave a comment and let me know if you'd like any further information. If you'd like for me to email you the first chapter, I can do that, too! 

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