Saturday, October 8

31 Days of Spiritual Formation: Day 8

I am tired.

I am having a hard day.

I have committed to writing about spiritual formation for 31 days, and today I'm wishing I had something "canned" that I could just put up here and hit the "Publish Post" button. But I don't have any canned content, so here I am, in all my weariness.

There's good news, though: God is not tired.

Many people reject Christianity because they observe all the faults of us Christians. And I do understand that, really. I know how hard it is sometimes to keep my eyes on Christ and off myself and my problems. I wish that we could all just keep our eyes off ourselves and on the Lord.

So I come back again to the good news: God is not tired. He is not having a bad day. He is not experiencing a tough year. And I can hang out with Him. I can spend time with Him. He is good, and He's willing to share His goodness with me. And with you. With all of us.

Just in case you might need it today, I'll share this one thought:

God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all (I John 1:5).

Let that seep into your soul. Take rest in that thought.

31 Days


  1. Sweet Richella, I understand about wanting to just throw something on the blog and call it a day. As I've been writing my posts the Lord has revealed areas in my life where I needed to be obedient before I could write any more. Talk about wanting to just throw something canned! Your posts are so worth reading, and I'm glad you are doing this series. Praying you find rest this weekend, if not in body, most definitely in soul.

    Love you much!

  2. Thanks for posting even through the fatigue. You have beautiful words!

  3. Hope your getting some quiet and rest.


  4. Thanks--I needed to hear these words today!

  5. I cannot tell you how many times this week I've thought, "Boy, I'm glad I'm not doing a 31 Days series." I have had a horrible week. My computer crashed on Monday. Tough stuff with my girls. Really made aware of how feeble and sinful I am. Ugh.

    So, my friend, I understand tired. I understand having a bad day. Hang in there--Sunday's coming!

  6. I wish I had some canned content today too. I am so thankful that God never grows tired or weary. Be blessed!

  7. Hi Richella, I clicked over from 320 sycamore but am so glad I stayed to check out your spiritual formation series as well. This is good stuff. God is not tired! Through tears today I told my husband, "I am just so tired.". I have had trouble getting perspective. God is not tired and I can hang out with Him. I love that. Thank you for sharing with us. Kelly

  8. Okay, it may not seem like a post you had to put a lot of time into, but that doesn't mean that it won't touch someone. Maybe, someone like me. I am so guilty and terribly embarassed to admit that sometimes when I say my prayers at night, I fall asleep right in the middle. Sad, but true. But it is so awesome to know that God never tires. He is never weary and he is always there waiting to listen to us.

    I've been dealing with being a working mom for the first time in years. I find myself being too tired to listen to my kids. I listen, but I don't always "hear" them. I'm so thankful God is never too tired.

  9. I really needed this very timely message. Thank you!!!

  10. Isn't He amazing? Not only is He not tired, He's there for me like I'm the only person in the world!

  11. You may have been tired but I LOVE this post. It is real and true and it spoke to my own weary heart.

  12. I can so relate.
    I'm tired, too.
    I love His invigorating light that illuminates my path when I cannot see it.
    His gentle kindness lovingly restores me.
    And you.


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