Monday, August 15

Grace Imparted 5

The job of being a mom changes over the years.

Somehow I found it the job of being mother to babies and preschoolers to have lots of built-in reassurances. It was as if well-child check-ups were really "well-mother" check-ups for me. As long as my fellows were up to date on their immunizations, as long as their ear infections had been treated promptly, as long as their teeth came in on time and they were on the charts for height and weight, I got a checked off as a "Good Mom."

Does anyone know what I mean?

But as my boys got older, the well-child check-ups were fewer and and farther between. At the same time, there were more and more other influences in their lives. They came to know and love good teachers, good coaches, and good friends, just as they should. Sometimes it stung a little to realize that there was less room in their lives for me.

This past week, though, I got a chance to spend some time all alone with my oldest son, Will. Will is 20 years old. He'll be a junior at Duke University. He just got home from doing an internship with our congressman. I'm really proud of him, but I don't get to spend much time with him these days.

So I asked him out to lunch.

Literally. On Friday, Will and I had lunch together. For the cost of a couple of sandwiches, I got to spend two and half hours all alone with my firstborn son. We talked about big things, about little things, about the past, the present, and the future. It was the best lunch I've had in a long, long time.

And I was reminded once again that

Children are a heritage from the Lord;
the fruit of the womb is a reward (Psalm 127:3).

What a gift--pure grace, poured out into my life. Thank you, Lord.

What about you? Will you share the story of a gift you've received from God's hand? It can be large or small--I'd love to hear about it! Click here to read all about this new linky party celebrating God's gifts to us. Help yourself to a button and help me spread the word.

Imparting Grace


  1. What a touching, heartfelt post! You raised such a handsome young man. This post makes me want to go give my girls a big hug and enjoy them, even though they are fighting over the doll house. ;)

  2. You know I can relate to this one, Richella. So glad you got to spend that special time with your boy-man.

  3. Consider this your "well-child" visit and you can check the "great mother" box! :-) I so relate to this as a mom of a boy who just won't stop growing up...what's the deal with that? LOL! You are so right about how things begin to shift and I continue to pray God gives me wisdom so that someday when he is 20 he will want to have lunch and talk about his life with me! :-) I'm linking up Heather's post from yesterday and we appreciate you hosting this.

  4. My boys are slowing entering that stage where they have a life outside of our family and it is strange...and I know it is just going to get hard the older they get! But I guess that is kind of what growing up is about! You are very blessed to have such a great son to be proud of!

  5. What a handsome young man! I know you are so proud of him! As I sit here typing after our first day of Kiddo's seventh grade, I realize these days are but a breath. We were talking about college last night...just 6 years away. Six years??? Six years ago Kiddo was five and we were just beginning our homeschool journey. Yet it seems like just last year.

    Yes, I wish we had more "well mom checkups"! : )

  6. i don't think it would surprise you at all to kow that i am sitting here all teary-eyed again. i get it... i so get it. and all we want is to get that good mom check mark!! your lunch date sounds just perfect. and MAN! is that boy (man!) handsome :) xoxo

  7. Oh yay, Richella...a link-up community here, too -- wonderful! I love your idea of a God's gift moment, big or small ...I will definitely have to link up a post soon.

    And your son, Will? So handsome (I'm a sucker for red my 6-year-old has them, too!).

  8. Awww, this is so sweet, Richella. I have a huge lump in my throat right now because I SO understand that not-getting-enough-time thing right now. Good for you for making a date!

  9. Richella, thanks for inviting me to join in. Love the concept of "grace imparted".
    I so enjoyed this post about Will. What a treasure to be able to spend time reconnecting with your firstborn baby. You must wonder how in fact he grew to be 20!

  10. I'm catching up on your blog tonight. Are you trying to make me cry? :) What a handsome young man!

  11. I have a newborn and just discovered your blog. Thank you so, so SO much for the reminder to cherish every second of every day for one day (before I even realize it) she will be an adult.


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