Friday, January 28

Answered prayer

Last fall, I wrote about a young friend of mine, a member of a Special Operations unit of the U.S. Army who was about to be deployed to Afghanistan.

I was chatting with him a few days before he was shipped out. He asked me to pray for the other members of his unit, none of whom is a Christian. Then he said, "I want to get my mom one of those knee pads they make for gardeners. She's on her knees praying so much, I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself."

When I chuckled at this comment, my friend looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I'm serious."

As we talked, I imagined his mother, her knees sore, her carpet indented, her heart full, and I realized:

I want to be like that.

To think that someday, when my boys are faced with difficulty, they could rest secure in the knowledge that I would be praying for them so diligently that I might hurt my knees?!

And so I prayed: Dear Lord, let it be so. Please. Let it be so.

This week I learned that this godly mother's prayers have been answered. My soldier friend is home again, safe and sound.

And I'm thinking that his mother's knees are still sore. I'm betting her arms are sore, too . . . but who would ever tire of lifting grateful arms in praise?

Thank you, Lord. Thank you.


  1. I remember that post. So glad he made it home safely! :)

  2. let it be unto me as well Lord!
    beautiful post

  3. Yes, it is a privilege to be a prayer warrior for others needs. May dear momma was a prayer warrior and as a child I would kneel with her in prayer. When we were done, tears would often be streaking down her cheeks.

    Now I am 60 and my husband and I pray for others each day...and I am always reminded who taught me to pray. A praying mother is a wonderful blessing.

    I am glad your friend returned home safely and that his mother's prayers were answered.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. You know this post made me cry, right? ; )

  5. Beautiful post! A mother's prayer has to be one of the most sincere prayers there is. I am so glad he is home safely. Carla

  6. love this! great to meet you @ blissdom - not an accident at all!!

  7. Praise the Lord. What a wonderful answer to prayer and such a beautiful tribute to a loving mother. Hugs, Marty

  8. Richella, your blog is a treasure! It was such a pleasure to meet you at Blissdom. Take good care!

  9. What a beautiful post, Richella. It was so great to meet and get to know you at Blissdom. I was so grateful that I was able to go and be with all you wonderful women. Thank you for being so welcoming and warm, I felt like I had known you my whole life. Hope you make it home safely!
    Kristin (Melissa's sister)

  10. wonderful post! So nice to meet you at Blissdom! I hope you had safe journeys home. I cannot wait to read through your blog

  11. hooray!!!! and my soldier friend? is headed home right now!!! after a week of travelling he finally made it to the USA last night... next stop? florida. hopefully today! we can't wait!


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