Wednesday, April 16

Side dishes for your Easter dinner

Planning a special brunch or dinner for Easter?  Here are three side dish recipes that are easy to make and mouth-wateringly good!  And these are all especially good with ham, so if that's on your menu, you may want to make one or all of these!

Potato casserole is delicious for a brunch or dinner, and this recipe is a little different from the usual--and it's the best I've ever tasted!

Another dish that's a little different but absolutely scrumptious is Baked Apricots.  These will have your guests coming back for seconds--and asking for the recipe!

And if you need something that's super-easy to make and foolproof, try this five-ingredient Holiday Salad.

Do you have any holiday meal favorites?  Do you have recipes to share?

**I'm joining Amanda at Serenity Now for Weekend Bloggy Reading.**

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