Monday, April 14

Entering into Holy Week

In preparation for this Holy Week, I was challenged and helped by these thoughts from Fleming Rutledge.  Perhaps you'll find them helpful, too.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

With all my heart, with all my mind, with all my strength I desire to convey to you that this week, while the world goes about its business, the meaning of existence is revealed to those who have eyes to see.  The true significance of the headlines comes to light as Jesus of Nazareth goes His solitary way. . . .

In the reading of the Passion, Thursday night as Jesus eats His last supper and goes forth to be betrayed, Friday noon as He hangs exposed and naked on the Cross and pours out His life, God is acting.  In the events of this week, the cries of those who suffer have been heard by the One who could, the only One who can, the only One who will deliver on his promise that there will be a happy morning.  But it only comes - it only comes - by means of His death.  Let us follow Him then, this week, to the foot of His Cross.  Let us come together in mind and heart and to behold our Lord as He gives Himself up for the sake of the whole world.  Let us come in heart and soul and mind, in faith and in trust, to confess that "truly this man is the Son of God."

Tell me--what do you plan to do this week to "follow Him to the foot of His cross"?  Can I help you?


  1. Thank you Richella for letting your "light" shine! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing and guiding my thoughts to the "foot of the cross" each morning this week.


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