Monday, September 9

Super-easy autumn tablescape

My precious husband gave a small dinner party to celebrate my birthday this past weekend.  It was wonderful--just a few friends, delicious food, and I didn't cook a single thing.  The only thing Jack asked me to do was set the table, which I did early in the day on Saturday.

On the table are gorgeous flowers that my friends gave me on Friday.  Aren't they lovely?  And that cool vase is actually a measuring cup--perfect for flowers in the kitchen!

Before our dinner party guests arrived, though, I realized I wanted a long, low tablescape that wouldn't impede conversation at the table.  I moved the flowers to the kitchen island, where Jack set up the dinner buffet.  Then I grabbed a couple of pairs of candlesticks, some red candles, and some autumn leaves, and in less than two minutes I had this:

Obviously I took this photo after all the dishes had been removed from the table, but this tablescape was just perfect for a dinner party.  The table decorations didn't get in anyone's way, and the candles looked so pretty at night.

Remember Baldwin Brass candlesticks?  Did you have some in the 1980's?  Hope you didn't get rid of them--brass is back, baby!

Labor-intensive tablescapes are beautiful, of course, but don't be intimidated--you can create a pretty table just by using elements you have in your cupboards!

Do you like to decorate the table for dinner parties?  Please share--I'd love to see what you do!


  1. Have my brass candlesticks from YEARS ago and still like to use them! You made an inviting table. I did want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday, Richella. If you are just now turning 50...rejoice! Enjoy every minute because the 50's decade were some of the fastest passing years of my life! :)

  2. Oh, your table is so pretty even though is a simple setting, where less is more. The cneterpiece is gorgeous with the brass candlesticks and the Autumn leaves...again, less is more here! Big hugs,

  3. I love the look of your simple but elegant table decor. And yes, I had quite a collection of those brass candle sticks in all heights. I traded in most of my brass which I used to decorate for years...oh well I know Goodwill has many if ever want them again :)

  4. Happiest of birthdays to you! The 50's have been fabulous - and it just keeps on getting better
    Your table is lovely, and I did save my Baldwin brass, and I'm so glad I did.

  5. What a pretty table! Happy birthday to you! Would you mind sharing what pattern your dishes are? They are lovely.

  6. How pretty, Richella! I came across my brass candlesticks the other day! Glad I saved mine, too! I hope you had a wonderfully blessed birthday!

  7. So simple and pretty! I got rid of all my brass years ago - your fall display makes me wish I kept them! How nice to spend your birthday dinner with friends, and not having to cook! He's a keeper! Happy birthday!

  8. Such a pretty and colorful bouquet! I am glad your friends got them for you Richella! I am glad you had such a nice birthday! And I loved the simple yet elegant table arrangement with the leaves and the candlesticks.

  9. Simple and lovely! So glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Richella!


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