Wednesday, September 11

Fashion help for a real woman, age 50

I had a wonderful birthday last week!  Here's my 50-year-old self:

One special part of my day was  gift I gave myself.  I enrolled in Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix is a personal styling service, which is

a. something I can really use, and
b. not something I ever dreamed I'd be able to have.

"Personal styling service" sounds like something reserved for the rich and famous, doesn't it?

But Stitch Fix is for very ordinary people, even (or especially) if they happen to be 50 years old.

Enrolling in Stitch Fix is both simple and challenging.  Simple because they do a good job of making the process so simple.  Challenging because they ask you to think about what you really like--but they don't require that you do it all by yourself.  They help you articulate your style preferences with very direct questions and with pictures of clothing and accessories you might or might not like.   Honestly, just the process of enrolling was interesting and helpful (and completely free)!

Then for the fun.  For a $20 styling fee which can be applied to your purchase, you can have a "fix" delivered to your doorstep.  You don't ever get charged a styling fee unless you actually schedule a delivery.  You get to choose when and how often you want a delivery--you can become a subscriber and get regular deliveries or you can choose to get a delivery only specified date or dates.  There's no pressure to choose anything other than what works for you.  I asked that my first fix be delivered on my birthday, and it arrived promptly on September 5.  Yes!

So why does it cost $20?  Because a real, live stylist uses the information you provide and selects five items specifically for you along with notes about how to wear them.  Then a real, live person packages those five items beautifully and ships them to your door, along with a postage-paid envelope for you to send back anything you don't want.  I'm amazed that they do all this for $20.

Here's what my package looked like.  It was such a pleasure to open!

What fun I had trying on the goodies inside!  Jack loved this striped tank, which I paired with skinny jeans.  See the long tail?  So comfortable!  I wore this for a casual dinner party on Saturday night.

I liked this emerald green top, but it was a bit too loose for comfort, so I sent it back.  The stylist thought it would be good with my green eyes, though, and I think she was right about that.

I liked this black top, although I didn't feel that it did much for me.  I paired it with houndstooth slim pants when I tried it on.

This dress I loved.  It's cool and comfortable but features fallish colors.  Great for September days in North Carolina.  I wore this for a luncheon on Friday and then again to church on Sunday morning.  The second time I wore it I switched to a chunky silver necklace and higher wedge sandals.  Got lots of compliments both times.

And here's what I thought was the best part of the Stitch Fix experience.  Each piece of clothing came with a tag like these:

The tags include suggestions of what to wear with each piece of Stitch Fix clothing--things that you might very well already have in your closet.  This is exactly the kind of help I need.

I'll admit that there's one part about which I was a little skeptical.  I knew the clothes they sent me would be cute, and I figured they would be nice quality.  But what about the price?  Frankly, I was afraid that the pieces would be much more than I'd be willing to pay.  I was pleasantly surprised here!

I kept two of the items from my Stitch Fix box--the sleeveless striped top and the dress.  Those two items cost $86.00 and the $20.00 styling fee was applied to my purchase.  So I got two pieces of clothing I really like for $66.00.  I've already worn both pieces twice, and I've gotten lots of compliments on both!

Here's another other cool thing.  If I had chosen to keep all five pieces, I would have received a 25% discount off everything in the box.  So I could have kept all five pieces for a total of $157.00.  I'm sure the prices of items vary greatly from box to box, of course.  But my fears that the prices would be sky-high were unfounded.   In fact, my style profile allowed me to state how much I prefer to spend on various pieces of clothing.

So can a real woman, age 50, be stylish?  With a little help from Stitch Fix, I think the answer is yes!  What do you think?

Full disclosure here.  This is not a sponsored post.  I'm just a satisfied customer glad for the chance to share my experience.  If you're interested in Stitch Fix and sign up with my referral code, I'll get a merchandise credit, which would be wonderful.  But I'd recommend that you try the service even if I didn't get anything for it--it's lots of fun!

For the first time ever, I'm joining What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.


  1. Sounds like great fun!!! First off. You are beautiful for any age.... But 50?!?! Wow! (I need your toned arm secrets!) The dress is so cute, and I'm glad you loved the whole experience! Thanks for sharing your find.

  2. yay for YOU! this is on my someday wish list :) and... 50 looks stunning on you!

  3. You look amazing- I never would have guessed 50! This sounds like a fabulous service- I find at my age (40 something -lol) it's a challenge to find appropriate clothing -it all seems either too teeny bopper or too grandma- ( no disrespect to grandma)-- and to have personal help- what a perfect idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I thought you looked good in everything! What a wonderful service. I may have to try it at some point.

  5. You know, I've seen lots of people posting about StitchFix, but I have never seen such a clear explanation of how it works. Great job! You might just get me to pop over there for a look! ;)

  6. I love the two things that you kept from your box. I've had one shipment where I kept a top and am expecting my second shipment today. I can't wait to see what I get! Stitch Fix is great for me because I want and need clothes for work but I don't often have free time to shop.

  7. You are beautiful! That dress is fantastic. Stitch Fix would be so fun to participate in. Enjoy!

  8. I would never guess your age as 50? YOu look nowhere even close! Cute outfits!

  9. I love my monthly Stitchfix! Each item I kept from my box has brought me lots of compliments, who doesn't enjoy that?:) And the cards are great, I think that might be my favorite part too! Happy Birthday, Richella! You look great and I would know because I turned 51 this summer:)

  10. Wow, you look awesome! I would never guess you are 50. I wish I (age 36) looked as good as you. :o) Thanks for suggesting this styling service. I certainly can use it. I'm excited to try it out.

  11. Congratulations on treating yourself to StitchFix for your milestone birthday. And I think you were exactly right on what you kept--and what you didn't. Those two tops kind of swallowed you up. I look forward to seeing more of what they send you.

  12. Your 50 year old self is...Beautiful...and you looked very stylish in your choices! :) I hope you will have a wonderful year ahead!

    Love, Linda

  13. Love the dress. Been debating about subscribing to Stitch Fix just haven't yet. Maybe after the first of the year. You look great and Happy Belated Birthday!

  14. Oh gosh! I would love something like that. Do you pay shipping to return the things you don't like?

  15. Fifty?!!! You look amazing! I found the Stitch Fix info so interesting and something I would be interested in trying. I loved the items you kept, but also thought the black top very becoming as well.

  16. You are stunning and every one of the outfits looks so pretty on you. You are an extremely young 50, so enjoy, the best ever is coming. Happy Birthday again. Hugs, Marty

  17. Richella- You are a beautiful 50 year old- Gorgeous, Darling!!! xo Diana

  18. This is new to me - sounds like fun! You look great and the outfits all look great on you - Happy you are embracing 50!

  19. Hi Richella, You look wonderful, happy birthday. I also joined the What I Wore this week. I was very nervous, but I love fashion and wanted to share that with my readers and not be so shy. I will be 47 in a couple months. Love your link up.


  20. pretty outfits friend!

    Come check out this single mom I'm featuring and I'd love love LOVE it if you'd be so kind to like her fb page?

  21. You don't look like you are on your fifties… you look really nice and your outfits are trendy….

  22. You look beautiful at 50, Richella! As I'm sure you remember, I will also be 50 in October this year. I think I would much rather be getting something like this from Stitch Fix in the mail than the AARP membership packet! : ) All the outfits are lovely. I do love the dress and that first top.

  23. I am receiving my first Stitch Fix box next month, but was nervous because I am 51. Most of the reviews are by the under-50 set. I used the referral link of my daughter's best friend, the poor grad student, so she could get the discount. That was kinda weird. :-)

    The items you got would definitely fit with my style, size, and climate (South, humid, and hot). This gives me hope.

    P.S. I think you kept the right pieces. The black top ages you.


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