Monday, September 30

31 Days of Caring for Myself Body and Soul

You've probably heard about the tradition among bloggers of writing every day during the month of October.  Every single day for 31 days straight.  Begun by the Nester several years ago, it's become a big event in the blogging world.

I participated in the 31-day challenge back in 2011, when I wrote every day about spiritual formation.  Those writings formed the basis of a small book, A Spiritual Formation Primer, published by Renovar√©.  So that was certainly a good experience for me.

Last year I just watched from the sidelines as other bloggers took up the challenge.  But this year I've felt led to participate once again.

So beginning October 1, I'll write every day for 31 days straight.  My topic?  Well, it's one I really need right now:  Caring for Myself Body and Soul.

The term "self-care" gets bandied about a lot these days.  I'm not sure, though, that many of us have ever really thought about what it means--or what it doesn't mean.  I want to explore that.

One thing I'm sure about already: just like you, I'm a whole person.  A body and an immortal soul.  I can care for my body and neglect my soul, but that's not a good plan.  Or I can tend to my soul and neglect my body, but that's not a good plan, either.

So this month will hold an exploration of caring for both my body and my soul.  Some days the posts will be deep and philosophical; some days will be light; some will simply be oh-so-practical.  But none of them will be much fun if I do this all alone.  Won't you join me on the journey?

1: Why think about this?
2: Creating something beautiful
3: Practicing routine
4: Slowing down
5: Trying something new
6: Sunday soul care
7: Saying "no"
8: Cooking something just for fun
9: Not saving things for good
10: Showing grace at home
11: Taking care of my hands
12: Resting
13: Sunday soul care
14: Sending a package
15: Organizing my purse
16: Walking with a friend
17: Celebrating with the Grace at Home party
18: Reflecting on life and lifestyle
19: Saying thank you
20: Exchanging rules for guidelines
21: Relishing the accomplishments of others


  1. Richella,
    I will be looking forward to hearing what you have to offer everyday in October! I'm afraid I will be watching from the sidelines for now. This blogging stuff is still so new to me and and sometimes it is a struggle to come up with a couple of posts a week! I do, however, hope to glean lots of great things from your daily posts!

  2. Looking forward to it. Happy 31 days.


  3. Richella: Are you asking other bloggers to follow suit and do this? As a new blogger I would like to do this (I think so anyway) If so, would we follow the topic that you've chosen or chose our own? I'm sorry I have so many questions. Please forgive me advance. Felicia

  4. I am joining this year, also. I chose 31 Fabulous Fall Days, so I can sort of use anything that has to do with what is going on, at this time. Your topic is a great idea and I can't wait to learn from it!

  5. I found you during the fall home tour and liked your house the best! Really! I showed it to lots of friends.
    Including the floor plan was really fun and my favorite room was the back porch!
    I also loved the idea of putting the centerpiece on a tray since we so often clear our table for other projects.
    The next month sounds exciting. I will be following as I need to care more for body and soul!

  6. Can't wait to read your posts on this very important topic!

  7. Hi Richella, I just on your Blog Roll A Stroll Through Life and it is a code only page, something is wrong with the web address you have, as I found this Blog myself and it pulls up as it should. Try it and see if it happens to you or anyone else?

  8. Looking forward to reading along.


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