Wednesday, June 13

Screened porch updates

Earlier this spring I spent a lot of time on re-doing my front porch and was thrilled with the results.  Then my screened porch looked as if it needed some love.  Isn't that always the way it happens?  One thing leads to another!

I didn't have much time or money left to spend on this space, though.  So I gave it good cleaning and spent about $35--and here's what I have now.

Sticking mostly with what I already had, I made just a few changes to freshen up the space.  Here are some shots going around the room.

The sitting area in the evening light:

A few years ago I was longing for a sitting area as well as an eating area on the porch, but I thought it was too small for both.  But with a little space planning and a lot of imagination, I found that we could have two separate areas.

Most of the furniture is just indoor furniture adapted for use on the porch.  The eating table was a gift for my 40th birthday.  The table is made from reclaimed wood, so it contains lots of imperfections--what difference do a few more make?  The black chairs were in my breakfast room for years; they've held up pretty well out here.  The small ladder back chair and table are antiques; life on the porch has just given them a little more patina.  The bench and rug were made for outdoor use, so they've held up beautifully.  The pine shelves and wicker chair have made it fine on the porch.  And the ottoman I made myself from a heavy-duty styrofoam cooler.  If it shows signs of wear, I'll just re-make it!

My low-cost updates:

New throw pillows were simple to sew.  I found the orange fabric first, then searched for an aqua to go with it.  Bingo!

I crafted new tabletop accessories.  You can read about these here.

I mixed a few new shelf accessories with ones I already had.

The shelf-top vignette is composed solely of things I already had.  I just layered things until I was happy with the look.  The aqua vase is great with my new pillows. 

This pretty plate is from Target--it's melamine and cost just a couple of dollars.  The bottles I found at Goodwill for $1.99.  I painted and distressed the holder and ran the bottles through the dishwasher, which etched them a bit.  Now they look old, which is just what I wanted.

This little chair was part of a set my kids had when they were little.  I spray-painted and distressed it. 

One of my favorite things about this porch is the fact that it's on the second floor of the house, so the view is pretty.  Sitting out there almost like being in a treehouse!  Here's how it looks on an overcast day--don't the trees look lush?

And just for fun, here's how it looked before these updates:

And now:

No huge changes, but I'm really enjoying the updated look.  Now I wish I could have you come over for a summertime meal.  We could linger over dinner and not worry about bugs!   What do you say?

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  1. Thanks for the virtual visit! Your porch looks so inviting and comfy!

  2. I love the furniture and all of the detail...this could be in a magazine!


  3. Beautiful! Honestly, Richella you're home is so warm & inviting!! Good thing I don't live close as I'd be the guest who never left :)

  4. I just love your porch. I know I've said that before. But it truly is gorgeous and so inviting. I'm always impressed with how crafty you are too. And I think we live close by each other, if I recall correctly, so if you should say, oh I don't know, host a party where you invite blog readers... I'll be there! :)

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  6. I was thnking tree house right from the start. I think this porch is so inviting and with the updates it's even better! Thanks for including the links to your previous projects. I think I see sheetmoss in my future! And an ottoman. Where did you find the large cooler?

    Robin Flies South

  7. Lovely! Love the orange and the aqua together! Such interesting accessories...they had so much!

    I have told you this before...but everything on our porches blows over. It is windy here in Kansas. I love it here I will quit complaining. (:>)

    It does seem like a tree house with all of those lush trees surrounding the porch! How fun!

    Thanks for the post. I always love to see what you have been up to.

    Love, Linda

  8. I'm ready to come on over for some iced tea. Beautiful. I love how you've chosen the aqua with the orange. Such a delightful space!

  9. I love how much room you have on your porch. It's great that you can both eat and relax there. Your new pillow colors definitely are great summer colors. Enjoy every second you spend in this pretty space.

  10. I love this. I have a similar porch that I have been afraid to put real furniture in....we live in I am been worried about everything warping in the heat/humidity. You have given me hope...because now, the only thing I have out there is an outdoor swing and a LOT of wasted space!!!

  11. What a relaxing and cool place to hang out, Richella! I was thinking tree house! Love that you were able to get two different areas in here. I love your tabletop decor. I'd love to do birdhouse like that. Maybe I'll find that table/potting bench I want for our sunroom and then I'll make a couple.

  12. I'll be right over! This looks amazing!

  13. Your rooms always have such a collected, pulled-together feel. I love it.

  14. Love your screened in porch. What a great space to have. The fun colorful pillows caught my eye and the lanterns are cute too! Have a great weekend.

  15. Richella you have the most beautiful porch! I could sit there and daydream for ages. Thanks for sharing it with us :) Angie

  16. Richella,

    You are such an inspiration to me! I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check it out here:

    XO, Barbara

  17. Your porch looks so lovely and inviting. What a perfect place to sit and read. I am still thinking on the cooler ottoman. It's impressive.

  18. It looks wonderful!! I love the lanterns and pillows. Such a nice touch!

  19. So pretty and the backdrop is so green! Enjoy !

  20. WOW! I really love your porch! The scenery is truly gorgeous. Ahh what a very fresh air in there. :)
    philippine properties

  21. Your porch is so lovely and inviting! I need to do something with mine! I'm a new follower!

  22. Stunning! refreshing,relaxing waht more can I say?! The place looks very beautiful. You've highlighted the main features of the place and that's very nice!


  23. Well, for me you have to congratulate yourself for successfully re-decorating your porch. I so like your style and colors being used in your porch. It feels so home for me.


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