Friday, June 29

Kids' rooms

I'll never forget preparing the nursery for my baby.  This was back before blogging--even before digital cameras!  But I selected just the right shade of yellow for the walls, just the right accessories from the Classic Winnie-the-Pooh line, just the right fabric for curtains.

And then came the room I decorated for two little boys.  They loved fishing, and I used that theme for their room.  I painted the walls a deep olive green, made cafe' curtains that hung from bamboo poles, hung my son's first rod and reel on the wall, found perfect linens for their bunkbeds.  It was boyish yet beautiful.

And then there was a jungle-themed room, then a space-themed room, then an Army-themed room.  That one was the best, full of authentic items purchased from an Army surplus store--even camouflage netting used as a window treatment.

But now?  This is what my oldest son's room looks like right now:

That's an actual, unretouched photo.  Can you believe it?

You see, our home is in Durham, North Carolina.  We're just a few minutes from the campus of Duke University, where my son will be a senior.  Will's friends from all over the country asked if they could store things here for the summer.

Doesn't look too great, does it?  But it works for now, because Will is not here.  He's spending the summer in Rome, working as an intern in the office of the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican.  (And if I can be a proud mom for a minute, I'll say that there is only one intern in that office--my Will.)

So Will's room at home is a storage room this summer, but it doesn't matter.  We just close the door and wait for August, when his friends will collect their things.

If you have little kids, my advice is to have fun decorating their rooms.  Involve them in the process, and create spaces that they'll enjoy.  But remember that the hearts and minds of the little ones who play and sleep there are way more important than the decor.

I'm joining Show Us Your Kids' Rooms party at Kelly's Korner.


  1. Amen sister to your last comment about the hearts and minds of our little ones. Since my children have all graduated from home schooling I’ve been working with moms who are just starting out in their home school journey. They are usually worried about curriculum, grades and measuring academic accomplishments. I stress over and over to them that the heart of the child is the most important. Cover that first and the rest will fall in to place. Academics are important but the fact is if a child doesn’t learn the multiplication tables or grammar rules those things can be learned later in life. Things like morals, kindness, compassion and work ethic are very difficult to learn as an adult.
    Great post! Emma

  2. You should be a proud mom! What a grand opportunity for your son! And how nice of you to help his friends - they will always remember you for that!

  3. Richella- I had to laugh at that room. I just knew you were the storage unit for family and friends of family. Congratulations on your Will's accomplishment. I know you are SOOO proud of him-and I know that you will be glad to see him come home at the end of his session. xo Diana

  4. I'm just catching up in my reading and WOW! Go Will! Rome!?! The Vatican!?! Amazing. You have bragging rights for sure. And I got teary thinking about all those rooms you lovingly prepared over the years. Precious.

  5. I LOVE that you shared his room! And, how nice to offer storage for his friends. I hope you also share stories of his Vatican experience when he returns!

  6. hahah!!!! i love it! i am sure that the storage is VERY appreciated! and i am so excited for will (and for you!!)

    oh classic pooh! i remember, i remember! i love when that came out... so sweet. still one of my absolute favorites!

  7. Wow Richella, Rome! You MUST be so proud! Sounds like a good time to plan a little vacation excuse with the hubby to go visit him, no?! :-) Hope you are well, dear sister! Happy July!


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