Sunday, October 30

The Best of 31 Days Link Party

When the Nester invited all bloggers to take the 31-Day challenge, over 700 of us responded. The complete list of bloggers writing about their passions is amazing.

Image courtesy of Nesting Place

To tell the truth, there have been so many 31-Day series that many of us haven't been able to keep up! This party is a chance for catching up.

If you wrote a 31-Day series this October, please link your favorite post of the series below. Is there one post that stands out as a particularly good representative of your series? Link that below. It doesn't have to be Day One or your "landing page"--just link anything that will give us a good flavor of your series.

If you will, please enter the permalink to your favorite post, not your blog's home page. Please visit some of the other participants--you might find a new series that you really need to read! And please include a link back to this post, so that others can join the fun.

I look forward to getting a taste of lots of great series!


  1. Richella ~ Should I put a link back to this post on the post I linked? On my most recent?

    What a GREAT idea! Between work/life/writing, I haven't visited nearly as many blogs as I'd like. Thank you for letting me know you were hosting this :).


  2. Thanks for hosting this! I haven't read one other 31 days post since about the 10th-but they are all bookmarked!

  3. I'm so glad you invited me over! What a sweet idea!

  4. Thank you for doing this. Will give me another chance to visit some other 31 Day posts!

  5. I wonder if she's gonna do the 31 days next year. I finally thought of a topic last week...

  6. Darling Richella - thanks for the sweet and heartfelt message yesterday::really aprreciated it and your link up!!
    hope to see your sweet face soon...
    Blessings, dear one.

  7. What a great idea! Thanks for hosting this link up. I did so much blogging in October that I got behind in reading blogs, and I was hardly able to follow any of the 31 Days series. This is a great way to go back and check out the best of 31 Days.


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