Saturday, June 25

World's best cookies and cream dessert

Okay, that's quite a claim, isn't it? But dozens of people have told me that my sort-of-homemade cookies and cream ice cream is the best they've ever eaten. Along with being the world's best, it's one of the world's easiest desserts to make. Here's the recipe so that you can make it for yourself!

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
  • half gallon of low-fat vanilla ice cream (or whatever size these are now--1.75 quarts?)
  • 8 oz. container Cool Whip
  • 1 package chocolate sandwich cookies
Crush cookies. Soften ice cream slightly. Thaw Cool Whip. Mix all three ingredients together thoroughly. Spread in pan and freeze. Cut into squares to serve.

My sons and their friends love this dessert. And I love it when there are lots of boys here to eat it; otherwise I eat too much of it!



  1. It really IS good! It's just amazing, and so very simple to make. The hardest part is allowing it to freeze--you want to dig right in! :)

  2. I have tried several of your recipes and they have all been a hit! I will definitely try this one on my Bible study ladies! :)

  3. My kids would love this. I make an Oreo trifle they love too but this looks much easier. I'll try this next time. :)

  4. Boy does this sound good. I would definitely have a hard time staying out of it. I'm going to remember this recipe for my next party. I know that my friends would love it.

  5. Add some milk & some instant butter pecan pudding/or some instant coffee granules. Yum!!

  6. Oh. My. I HAVE to try this! My men will go nuts over it! My mom used to make a pralines and cream ice cream cake with praline ice cream, caramel sauce, and Sandies cookies. As my Kiddo would say, they WILL serve that in heaven. :D

  7. Oh. my. word. I am going to have to make that for myself - I mean the family! :) Yes, LOVE your recipes. Have made your Chocolate Pound Cake several times and all have turned out well. Thank you so much, Richella! Blessings to your red-headed family!

  8. Hey Richella, that dessert looks, and sounds delicious! I will try it with my Golden Oreos, since I don't eat chocolate.


  9. We made this last night! YUMMY! Thanks for posting the recipe. My family is thrilled! :)

  10. Oh, I am sooooo making this! That sounds absolutely incredible and would be perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend! :-)
    Thanks Richella!

  11. That sounds delicious! I need to try this. My Hubby LOVES cookies and cream. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  12. Oh! I will have to try this! I bet my husband would LOVE it!


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