Sunday, June 5

Easy table setting for a fun party

Preston's high school graduation took place at 10:00 A.M. last Saturday morning. He asked to have an open-house luncheon following graduation, and my mind started spinning. . . what could I serve to hungry guests after having been away from home all morning? Luckily, I thought to ask Preston what he'd like to have. His answer? "Barbecue. I want it to be casual and Southern." That's my boy!

For a simple and fun table setting, I raided my hydrangea bushes.

I layered a colorful antique tablecloth on top of a plain white tablecloth and made a simple centerpiece of hydrangeas.

Preston's school colors are blue and gold, so I bought graduation napkins in those colors. Chinet plates made for easy serving and clean-up. And to hold flatware, I used Coke bottle cartons.

We had about 20 guests for lunch, and everything was delicious, affordable, and stress-free. That makes it a successful party in my book!


  1. It look wonderful! And congratulations to your graduate.

  2. I love the combination of hydrangeas, your vintage tablecloth, and the flatware in the Coke carton. Preston is my kind of boy with his request for southern bbq for his graduation party meal. It all looks so good. Congratulations to Preston!

  3. I truly love the simplicity of it - and yes, BBQ is always a winner for a simple meal that satisfies! Well done!

  4. Your hydrangea blooms are just gorgeous and what a clever idea for using the coke bottle carton! :-) Sounds like a fun time!

  5. What a great luncheon!! Love the hydrangeas. :) We had barbecue too. Apparently there is a factory in Nannie's town and mom was able to buy it directly from them, fresh. I love love love Carolina barbecue!

  6. That sounds so fun, Richella! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  7. Awesome! This looks absolutely perfect! Good job, Mom!


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