Friday, September 24

Show us your life: the master bedroom

Kelly from Kelly's Korner is sponsoring a series of posts called "Show Us Your Life."  I love the way blogging gives us a peek into one another's homes. Kelly has asked us to feature master bedrooms today, so here's a look at ours.

Our master bedroom is on the main floor of our house. Actually, this is one of the things we really like about our house--right now we have three kids spread over three floors of this house, but eventually it'll just be the two of us here. . . and if we need to, we can live on the main floor. Having a bedroom that can be reached without climbing any stairs was a Godsend when my son had open-heart surgery--and 10 months later when my husband had open-heart surgery.

My bedroom walls are a soft greyish-blueish-green color called "Mystery Green" by Sherwin Williams. I love the way the white trim and white plantation shutters look against this color. I don't know if I'll ever add any window treatments other than the shutters. Plantation shutters are my favorite window covering of all time. I love the way they look all by themselves.

Now, the bed. I made all the bedding, including the huge coverlet. (I couldn't find a bedspread or duvet cover quite large enough to cover my bed, so I made one using my very elementary sewing skills. Click here if you'd like to read about it.)

Then going around the room clockwise--
A cozy seating area:

Our massive dresser (I love this huge piece and the lamp on top of it--Pottery Barn clearance a few years ago!). This wall still needs some artwork:

And an antique chest of drawers (which holds my gift wrapping supplies, by the way--does anyone else wrap presents on the bed?):

Our bed and dresser were purchased on clearance from Restoration Hardware. The other pieces were collected over the years, mostly from estate sales. We've been married 25 years, so we've been collecting for awhile. . . and still our room isn't quite done. That's all right, I guess--I'm planning to be married to my husband for the rest of my life, so I'll have a while to work on our bedroom.

Check out lots of great master bedrooms at Kelly's place!


  1. Richella, love the bedding, pillows. You did a great job!
    Looks like a very restful place.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the bedding and pillows and the color of your room is very calming. I love it!

  3. Lovely, like you! Is that you in a photo over the dresser??? Beautiful! Blessings!

  4. Richella this master bedroom is gorgeous! I really adore your bedding and the wall color. You created a perfect oasis for you and hubby. Great job.

    I'm so glad you joined the party! This is a good one. It's nice to see other homes and get inspiring ideas.

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

  5. Oh, girl, so, so pretty! It is indeed a restful place. I need to work on that!


  6. Richella,
    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I do wrap presents on our bed, but do not have a gorgeous dresser like yours to store my supplies. You did an excellent job on the bedding.

  7. What a beautiful room! I especially love your sitting area.

  8. Your bedroom is lovely. I love the colors and also your furniture. Your space looks truly relaxing.

    I didn't know a thing about what you've faced with your family's health in the past few years. I'm glad that all is well now.

  9. Hi Richella!
    What a bee-yoo-tee-ful room!
    What IS the color on the walls?
    It is so lovely!
    Can you let me know?
    I had a dream once where Jesus was giving me open heart surgery!! Really! He was scraping out all the gunk, and boy did it smell. And when He was done, He sewed me up and told me: "Now you have a scar, like I do." Wow.
    I am glad to hear that your hubby and son are on the mend.
    Have you written about it, and I missed it?
    Had to laugh, because, yes! I wrap presents on my bed, too--I keep the supplies under the bed.
    25 years together--that's awesome--Mark and I celebrated 21 years in July.
    It is a miracle of grace.
    Hugs to you!
    P.S. Did I mention I like the wall color?

  10. Duh.
    If I'd just read two post back, I would have read this, "The wall color in my bedroom is Sherwin Williams' "Mystery Green." It's a wonderful blueish-greenish-greyish color that can be cool or warm. Very soothing."
    I gotta go get a sample!

  11. Richella~

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I had to tell you how beautiful your bedroom looks! You did an amazing job!


  12. I think a master bedroom SHOULD be a work in progress, just like a marriage. Although this room is absolute perfection as is...

    p.s I was banned from bed present wrapping after I got a little over zealous last Christmas and sliced through our comforter with scissors. Now I have to do it on the bedroom floor.

    (present wrapping, that is)


  13. had to pop in from kelly's when i saw your blog name - imparting grace - it just called my name!

    i love the bedroom - and i do wrap presents on the bed.

    my husband and i have also been married 25 years but our girls are all grown and i have 6 grandbabies! i am a young (48) nana, but love it so much!

    enjoyed my time here!

  14. Love the couch in there! Makes it so cozy!

  15. Richella, so nice to meet you. I'm stopping by from Kelly's today and so, so enjoyed my visit. You blog is so welcoming and I love finding another "sister in Christ."

    Your bedroom is so lovely, warm and inviting.

    Do hope you can find time to stop by and meet me. Blessings!


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