Thursday, September 2

Autumn leaf pillow tutorial

It's September, and although the temperature here in North Carolina is far from autumnal, I'm ready to start decorating for fall.

Last week I made a Pottery Barn knock-off pillow out of a drop cloth and some old buttons. I decided that I wanted to use that pillow on the loveseat on my covered front porch. I think it looks nice and cozy for fall.

I wanted pillows for the arm chairs, as well, so I picked up a couple of 99 cent pillows at the Salvation Army. Aren't they awful? But they're really soft, fluffy down pillows, so who cares what the casing looks like?

Mindful of Beth's bedbug troubles, I brought them home and immediately washed them in HOT water in the washing machine and then dried them on high heat in the dryer.

These pillows were 18" x 18", so for each one I cut a piece of drop cloth 20" x 38". That's a piece long enough to double over and sew each cut side with 1" seams. I'm not a good seamstress, so I usually sew 1" seams. That gives me lots of room for error.  Click here for easy step-by-step instructions for making a pillow!

After my pillow cases were stitched up, I cut fall leaf shapes out of crafter's felt. I couldn't find felt in colors that I was thrilled with, so I just bought one orange square and one tan square and dabbed on some stain until I was satisfied with the burnished colors. I googled "fall leaf patterns" and found lots of images. I just referred to a couple of those and free-handed two different leaves onto the felt with a Sharpie. I was fussing with trying to make both sides of the leaves look alike when it occurred to me that I could fold the felt in half and cut out one half of the leaf, just like I learned to cut hearts for Valentine's Day.

Worked like a charm.

When I was satisfied with my leaf shapes, I used Stitch Witchery to adhere the leaves to the pillow covers.

Once they were in place, I used a Sharpie to draw on some defining lines. It would be fun to embroider on these lines, as well, but for now Sharpie will do. Here's the finished product:

Now that they're done, I'm wishing that I had made my leaf shapes a little bigger. Ah, well. Anyway, I already had the drop cloth, so all I spent for these new pillows was $1.98 for the pillow forms and 40 cents for the felt squares. For a total of $2.38, I'm really happy with these!

Now if it'll just cool off around here, I could sit out there and sip a cup of coffee. I sure wish you could join me!

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  1. Good looking pillows for next to you are right if the weather would only get cooler here in NC we would all roll out the pumpkins:)

  2. Beautiful!! I love those pillows for Fall. What a fun project Richella. I am in the mood for Fall - it's been pretty chilly here this week :)


  3. Love the fall pillows! That porch spot looks like the perfect place for a cup of coffee! Carla

  4. Those are too cute! I have loads of drop cloth, too...this would be a good project for my front porch seat!

  5. How cute!!! Love the leaf cut-outs. I have got to get me some drop cloths for pillows. I just love them!

  6. OK, I really have to make these, I have a drop cloth sitting doing nothing right now. I would love these on my sofa for Fall :) Yours are gorgeous.

  7. I LOVE them!!! So cute. :) Thanks for the tip on the stitch witchery.

  8. Richella they are very pretty! I love the leaves and the Pottery Barn inspired look. I think when we move one day I'll do an entire room devoted to PB. Your porch is divine.

    Thank you for asking about the hurricane. Well it looks like it is heading for the Outer Banks and will miss us by just a hair. We will still have wind and rain though. I'm hoping we don't lose power. I'm a wimp without my A/C. My prayers are with all of those who may be affected tonight.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  9. I love them...what a cute idea!
    I always look for down throw pillows at thrift stores too, and like you I've started washing everything right away because of the bed bug thing!

  10. Beautiful! I would gladly sit and sip coffee there. Love my GW.

  11. love the pillows. I also love the porch, it looks so inviting.

  12. Love them!!! Wouldn't it be fun to attach the leaf with velcro so that you could interchange it with shapes for other holidays?

  13. THese turned out great! I love the way they look on your outdoor furniture!

  14. They're brilliant. Autumn is my favourite season, so this is inspirational. I love the fact that you don't have to be an expert needlewoman to make these.

  15. I love your pillows! They really add some fall pizazz to your porch!

    I hope you don't mind. I linked your post to my Porch and Garden Party at

  16. These are so lovely ! I was just thinking of doing some felt fall pillows the other day, I'm so inspired by YOU!


  17. Hi! I'm visiting from Centsational Girl. I love the pillows! Great job! :)

    xo- M


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