Monday, March 29

There's a special place in heaven. . .

. . . for the mother of three boys.

When my youngest son was born, a friend gave me a piece of artwork with that sentiment inscribed upon it. Another friend hummed the theme song to My Three Sons as she gave me a baby gift. Still another told me to bid my clean house good-bye forever.

As of today, I'm not just the mother of three boys. I'm the mother of three teenage boys. On this day, March 29, thirteen years ago, I gave birth to my third baby boy.

Having been at this boy-mothering business for a long time now, I've learned a thing or two. I've learned, for example, how sweet it is for your baby boy to reach his arms up for a hug.

And how heart-melting it is for your little guy to pick you flowers. And how much fun it is to listen to a little fellow play with cars and trucks and other things that go vroom-vroom. And how astounding it is to watch a boy build a massive Lego creation. And how precious it is to hear your young man read Scripture at church. And how heart-swellingly proud you feel when your son opens a door for a lady or helps a neighbor carry something heavy or explains a math problem to a friend.

And how sweet it is for your baby boy to reach his arms down for a hug. Because, no matter how much he towers over you, he is still your baby.

I think I would change that piece of art if I could. I think maybe it should say, "There's a special bit of heaven on earth for the mother of three boys."

Thanks, guys.


  1. I can't imagine life without my son! Raising a child from boy to man is so much fun and offers so many rewards- and you get those in triplicate! I agree with your conclusion that the reward isn't reserved for heaven only. You're a very blessed Mom!

  2. This is so sweet. Being the mom of boys is always an adventure. :)

  3. i got those tears in my eyes... you know, i am the mama to one son (and my girl, of course!) and your sentiments just plowed right through my heart. i cannot imagine these emotions three-fold. certainly heaven on earth :)

    and you... you humble me. the comment you left me this morning already had me in tears. thank you, dear friend. for setting me straight and for your generous heart. i love you.

  4. Oh, talk about filling my heart this morning. What a sweet post!

  5. Oh such a sweet, sweet post! I am the mother of three daughters AND my oldest daughter is the mother of three sons. Guess what? Her youngest has a birthday today too. He is TWO! She would appreciate your post for sure. It is nice to experience both ~~ sweet girls and sweet boys.


  6. Well said. I am the mother of two teenage girls who have tons of guy friends. I am always amazed at how much life is brought into our home when their friends visit. I am also amazed at how much food boys can consume at one sitting! I'm sure your life is an adventure!

  7. There certainly is! What a beautiful blessing x's 3 that God trusted you with!

    Have a beautiful Easter

  8. Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your "baby". I have only one son and he's the joy of my life.


  9. Awww this brings a tear to my eyes. Being a mom of a boy is something else, for sure. While of course I adore my daughters, it's just something different having a son. I'm looking forward to watching him grow up into a wonderful young man.

    You are such a sweet mom. :)

  10. *sniffle sniffle*

    I am not ready for my boys to grow up, I cling so tightly to their youth and innocence and noise and wildness.

    thanks for reminding me to slow down.

    happy birthday to your baby. no matter how much he towers over you. ;)


  11. Excellent reminder. These days of looking down to looking up do pass too quickly. Sometimes I get caught up in the mundane...Thanks so much for the gentle reminder. Blessings today, my friend!

  12. I am so glad God blessed me with a son. After my two girls I couldn't imagine being a "boy mom." And yet here I sit side by side this morning with an almost 10 year old BOY. He has opened up a whole new world to me -- he sees and thinks thinks in a way I never would have imagined! And what a blessing he has been in our family!

    Sweet sweet post from a sweet sweet lady!

  13. Wonderful! I am a Mama of boys myself, and this is perfectly put!

  14. Well I have three daughters and two granddaughters. But I have one grandson....He is wonderful! Tell your son happy birthday. Be blessed. Cindy

  15. Such a touching post. My mom had that sign in her bedroom and now I have 3 boys too, so it was especially meaningful to me today...

  16. That was so sweet it has be teary eyed! I have a girl so I have no idea what it's like to have a son let alone three!

    They look like they had a blast!


  17. I have one child and he is a fine young man. He will be 16 yrs. old in May and he is a joy. It has gone by so fast but I love what he is becoming. :)

  18. My daughter has three boys, and I will be passing your comments on to her, as they are full of truth. You have blessed me today, thankyou.

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