Wednesday, March 31

Home: A favorite scent

Today my beautiful and inspiring friend Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer is beginning a new series:

Home is. . . will take place every Wednesday, and we'll all have a chance to share insights on a particular topic regarding homemaking, entertaining, hostessing, cooking, gardening, and more.

This week, the Home is. . . topic is "A favorite scent," and I'm so glad, for I'm a very scent-oriented kind of gal. I just love the way many people and places are easily recognizable because of their scents. My home is definitely one of those places.

Now, I'll admit that, without some help, the scent of my house might not be as lovely and inviting as I would like. Three teenage boys and two dogs don't always combine for a heavenly aroma! And most air-freshening products are too floral-smelling for my men's tastes. But I have a secret weapon in the scent category.

First, the inspiration for my secret: leather. I love the smell of leather. Rich and supple, mellow and soft, yet masculine and pungent. Mmmmm. (Am I the only one who "looks" at wallets and purses and other goods by holding them up to her nose?)

And leather furniture! Oh, my. Like one of my favorite things in our house: the leather chair and ottoman in the corner of my husband's study. Just thinking about it makes me want to curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Anyway, on to my secret: leather candles. Well, leather-scented candles, anyway.

I know there are lots of good purveyors of candles out there, but in my mind there's one that really stands out: DeeJay's Candles of Fort Worth, Texas. DeeJay's is one of those wonderful family-owned business that does things the old-fashioned way. (Read the story here.) The founder, Diane, had a love for scented candles but was never satisfied with the ones she bought. . . so she created her own. And twenty years later, she's still making her own candles, and they are the best I've ever tried.

The first time I shopped with DeeJay's, I bought a sampling of scents. And I'm telling you, she's got quite a list of scents to choose from. Her product line is straightforward: she's all about the good smells. You can choose from votives, tea lights, pillars, jar candles, fragrance oils, and other yummy-smelling products.

I've tried a number of DeeJay's products, and they've all been good, but my personal favorite is the votive candle. I am not kidding: DeeJay's votives are the longest-lasting, most highly scented candles I've ever tried. Pop one of these babies into a slender votive holder and you won't believe how good it will smell or how long it will burn. All for just $1.50 per votive, plus a FREE 13th votive if you buy 12. There aren't many places where you can still get a "baker's dozen." And you don't have to choose a dozen of just one scent: you can choose 13 different scents for your 13 different candles, if you like.

I asked the people at DeeJay's if there was something special I could offer you, and they said yes! So right now, just for Imparting Grace readers, DeeJay's is making available a special offer. If you want to try their candles, you can get 14 for the price of a dozen instead of 13. Just place your order for 14 votives and then enter the online code "RICHELLA" at checkout. You'll get 14 votives, but you'll only be charged for 12. Isn't that nice of them? (I don't have any affiliation with DeeJay's candles; I just like their products and like telling people about them.)

Now go visit DeeJay's. You might love Banana Nut, or Fresh Cake, or Creme Brulee'. Maybe one of those will be your home's signature scent!

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  1. My Mum loves the smell of leather too and always picks up bags and purses to smell them in the shops! I've never heard of leather candles before although I also associate the smell with home - my parents have two leather suites in their house.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Oh I love candles! And girlfriend, I love the smell of leather too. In fact when I hear of someone getting a new vehicle with leather seats I want to go smell their car! LOL! Yeah, it's not pretty. LOL.
    I'll have to go check out Deejay's because you can never have enough candles, I always say.

  3. Never heard of leather scented candles before. I'm curious now. I'll have to keep on the look out for those.

    Love that chair by the way!

  4. Leather candles. That's a new one to me! I may have to check it out.

  5. I had no idea there were leather candles! How about that!!

  6. Hi Richella! Thanks for linking up today .. it's been fun reading the posts. I love the smell of leather, too. We have a leather couch upstairs but ... that's where our 3 teens live so maybe that is why I never smell it! LOL. Kidding. But I did so enjoy your post. Makes me want to stop by for a visit to your home! Love ya!

  7. Neat promo. :) Sadly, I have no sense of smell. Ever. I'm going to try to link up on another day for the party...I'm not qualified to post today. ;)

  8. I LOVE smells. I could spend an entire afternoon at Bath and Body and Yankee Candle picking out perfumes, lotions, and candles (which I love, and it bums me that we're not aloud to have them in my apartment). Some of my favorite smells are jasmine, pumpkin, and cinnamon. I normally go for those warm, sharp smells that you would normally correlate with winter. OH! And Dogwood, my Lord those trees smell divine. :) Anyway, I agree with you, leather is a great smell, and I as well stick it up to my nose. I also love the smell of a fresh, new book that's never - or rarely, anyway - been cracked open.

  9. I ordered the leather candles the last time they had the Richella special. You are right - they are divine!

  10. Stopping by from RE...

    I love candles! And I have a house full of boys - two little, one big, all equally stinky (at times) in their own precious way.

    I just wish they made a candle that smelled like their hair after a bath...

    Love the blog! Love the font!

  11. I love candles and the smell of food cooking. We bought this house mainly due to the smells. The owners always made us give them a 24 hour heads up before we came to see the house before we made the decision to buy. The house always had a loaf of fresh bread cooling on the counter and a towel laying non-challantly on the burned spot on the counter. The smell was wonderful. So we bought it.

  12. I LOVE DeeJay's!!! When I lived in Ft.Worth I was always in there buying "stress" candle. The girls at the store thought I had a very stressful life, really I just love the scent of eucalyptis and spearmint together.
    Thanks for the memory = )
    Love & Prayers

  13. Leather scented candles? Really? I love it!! Oh, and that leather chair is FABULOUS!! Girl, you have some great taste!

  14. Wow...I have never heard of those? I do love leather, but not sure of the candles...I might have to find some. I love your pictures as well. Nice to meet you!

  15. Ohh yes I love leather smell too! I wish I have them in my vehicle!!

  16. Seriously...leather scented candles? Yumm!


  17. Love the smell of leather - did not know you could get leather-scented candles too :)


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