Friday, March 26

Boy, oh, boy

See this?

This is a picture of my house from last fall.

And this is my house at Christmastime:

It looks like a fairly calm, serene place, doesn't it?


In just a few hours, there will be fifteen (count 'em! 15!) 13-year-old boys here for my son's birthday party. And the weather forecast is for rain, so will they be outside playing basketball? Of course not.

Should be fun, right?

So what are you up to this weekend?


  1. Oh girl...first of all, what a pretty, pretty house....and second of all....may the force be with you!! LoL.....
    Hope you survive...check back in and let us know you're still ok!! ;D


  2. Oh honey, you'd better go to the liquor store for provisions! Good luck with the party. I have a 14 year old; aren't teenagers fun? Sometimes I wonder when the aliens that snatched his soul are going to return it! hehehe

    Your house is beautiful!

  3. Hope they can manage to not completely trash the place...they are quiet and reasonably well behaved if you keep shoveling food at them...

  4. Have fun with that you brave soul!

  5. Oh my. Good luck with all those boys! You're such a nice mom!!

    And your house is gorgeous. I hope you have a little sanity in your weekend. :)

  6. you are very brave!!!

    Can you say margarita!!!?

  7. Love your home. Very inviting.

    All those 13 year old boys at your house??? Your grocery bill will hit the roof this month :)

  8. I bet you have a great time when they are there....and are worn out when they're gone.
    Not many boys that age would want to come to someone's home. You're a blessed woman.
    Have fun. Send details afterward.
    Your house is beautiful..

  9. I'll hopefully be in the garden cos it should be nice and sunny here! I hope the rain stays away so all your boys can play outside. I could not imagine a house full of that many kids, let alone boys of that age... good luck ;-)

  10. Oh wow, I can only wish you the best of luck.

  11. Well, if you take a photo of the OUTSIDE of your home tomorrow at least we know it will look the same OUTSIDE....but the inside might be another story...hope you have LOTS of food - Good Luck - this is the age I teach, so I can just imagine!

  12. Goodness, woman, are you CRAZY?! I'm sure it'll be a blast, but I wouldn't look forward to the clearing up afterwards. Hope you get some time to recover and have a good weekend.

  13. I am sending a bottle of tequila via FedEx right now. NOT for the boys, of course, but for YOU. ;)

    Have fun, and roll with the punches!!! :) You're a great mama! (PS. I love your house!)

  14. Oh you poor thing! Sounds like a very high energy, noisy time at your house! I bet they all have a blast! Try to enjoy it!


  15. You brave, brave woman!
    Hope you have lots of food, video games, and carpet cleaner ready. ;)
    Have fun!

  16. Sounds like fun to me Richella! As long as you have lots of food, they'll be fine!
    Courtney has her first wedding shower tomorrow. We're very excited!
    Love your house!!

  17. Your house is SO pretty! And it will be after your herd of boys gets finished with it. It just might need a little airing out. LOL!

  18. Good luck with all of that:( Doesn't sound like fun.

  19. Your house is so pretty! I love the design. I teach 13 year old boys and I don't envy you having the pack inside your house. Good luck!

  20. Oh those days weren't terribly long ago for me...what a brave soul you are! No doubt your fridge is well-stocked. Let us know how you and your home fare!

    P.S. I love your beautiful home!

  21. well how'd it go? i'm thinking they probably all sat in one big circle and played pat-a-cake. right?

  22. I wonder when the aliens that snatched his soul are going to return it!
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  23. Hey, Richella! Thanks for visiting me. I'm working on a stair project at my house & am excited to see it come together.

    I just LOVE the outside of your home. So inviting!

  24. Your home is beautiful! So how did the birthday party go? Did it indeed rain?


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