Saturday, August 15

A trip to the country

If you've visited me before and have read about my family, you know that we've been through a tough time over the past 18 months or so. Everyone is doing well now, and we have so much to be thankful for. But it's been a long road, and I've been tired. . . just a bit drained in body and spirit.

My sweet husband offered to send me to a spa for a few days. Isn't that sweet? He figured I could use some pampering. The fact is, though, that going to a spa doesn't really sound that interesting to me. Now, a spa day--that would be great. A massage, a facial, some time in a sauna or a steam room--that sounds lovely. But a whole spa vacation? I don't know. I suppose if you could do that with a group of girlfriends it might be fun. Even then, though, I think I'd rather spend the money on something else. Like furniture. Or college tuition.

Anyway, it's the thought that counts, and I appreciate that my husband made the offer, but I declined. As the summer wore on, though, I realized that I was just getting more and more tired. So finally I told my husband that I needed to get away. He asked where I wanted to go, and I didn't hesitate. I wanted to visit my sister.

My sis on one of her Tennessee Walking Horses

Aren't sisters the best? I have two of them, and they are both amazing women. Talented, kind, generous Christian women. The kind of people you want to have as neighbors or best friends. Unfortunately, they both live far away from me. One lives in Alabama and one lives in Mississippi. I hadn't seen either of them in far too long.

The wise old retriever and the eager-beaver puppy

This past week, I went to visit my sister who lives in Mississippi, and our sister from Alabama drove over to join us. Good heavens, a bystander could not have gotten a word in edgewise. How fast can tongues FLY?

And to make it all even better, my sister, her husband, and their two precious children live in the country. I mean way out in the country, 10 minutes from the nearest little town. She lives on six beautiful acres, with trees and pastures and ponds and barns and the whole works. And she has the most delightful animals--dogs and rabbits and horses and chickens and ducks and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

One of the Rhode Island Reds who flew the coop and landed on the deck

You want to unwind and relax? Spend you some time in the country. Help your sister feed the chickens or exercise the horses or shoo the ducks off the porch or any one of the million things that make up life in the country. Talk and laugh and swap recipes. Share memories and make some new ones.

Mallards hanging out in the front yard

Now that's my kind of spa vacation.


  1. Aww, that's great that you got to catch up with your sisters. Nothing better than family time!

  2. Okey-dokey! :) Would love to have you stop by whenever you're in B'ham.

  3. really a wonderful get-away. i agree... much better than a spa. healing for the heart!

  4. How refreshing that sounds Richella! And how fun to catch up with your sisters. Oh, now I miss my sister who lives on the opposite side of the country. Maybe a phone call will help. :)

  5. I live in Mississippi too! I'm glad you got to have some chillaxin' time with your sisters. I hope you got recharged!

  6. Sisterhood is amazing. Spectacular place to spend time together!!

  7. That is the kind of spa day I would love too. I have two older sisters also and we're very close, unfortunately I am in Texas and they live in England! Times together are always precious.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed your sister spa. It sounds like a great time.

    However, if your husband is doling out spa vacations sign me up. I would absolutely love to do something like that! I don't have any sisters, though, and I'd probably want to visit them if I did.

  9. It sounds like you enjoyed some wonderful family time with your sisters. But, still, to turn down a spa vacation? Now that takes a lot of strength. :)

  10. OK, this is just further proof that you are a girl after my own heart! I grew up in the country and you are so right - it's the absolute best way to get away and relax. Add in family and it is truly heaven on earth! So glad you enjoyed yourself and I hope you came back more refreshed than you thought possible.

    We just got back from the mountains and I think I need a few days in the country to recover. Pigeon Forge is about the opposite of relaxing but the kids enjoyed it . . . .

    Laura (from Nester's swap)

  11. Yes ma'am...sisters are THE best gift EVER!!! I have been blessed with 3 and they are my world. Could not live without them! Sounds like you got some much needed and deserved girl time. And I am trying not to freak out that you were in my home state and we didn't meet. Next time...kay?

    Love ya

  12. How wonderful that sounds to me Richella! I don't have any siblings! A day in the country sounds much better to me than a day at a resort!


  13. sisters are the best friends in the whole world. I think this is a perfect way to get regenerated! It would work for me. So funny because I did a post on my sisters not too long ago.

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