Monday, August 24

A fresh start

A new year is starting.

Our oldest son is now safely ensconced at Duke University. Freshman Orientation was last week; classes started today. He's studying international relations and economics. Rather interesting time to take those courses, don't you think?

Our younger two sons start their new school year this week. Meet the Teacher Day is tomorrow, and classes start Wednesday. It should be an exciting year at our house: our youngest starts middle school this year, and our middle son will be a junior in high school. You know what junior year means. . . in short, now that we've got the college selection process complete with one kid, here we go again!

As we embark on this important year in our kids' educations, I'm hoping to start a new year for our home, too. There are so many aspects to keeping our home running smoothly that I've let slide the last couple of years, and I want to get going again. I'm thinking that perhaps if I share my intentions with you, I can also do a better job of holding myself accountable. And maybe I'll actually get some things done!!

Right now I'm particularly thinking about my kitchen. My kitchen is definitely the "heart of the home," mostly because it's such an all-purpose room. An awful lot of our life takes places in this room.

We're very blessed to have a big kitchen/breakfast room/morning room. But it's been a mess. We made some good progress on the rest of the house back in July, when we all pitched in to clean things out. But our efforts didn't quite make it to the kitchen. Not that the kitchen is a wreck--we have clean dishes and fairly organized cupboards. But the countertops! Oh, my goodness. What a dumping ground for toys and papers and mail and books and school supplies and tools and--well, you get the picture.

So. Now. As of now, I have cleaned off my island. And I resolve, right here in front of God and everybody, that I will keep it cleaned off. Scout's honor. Pinky swear. Here's what it looks like today, and this is how I'd like for it to continue to look.

That's a fun little flower arrangement, by the way, if you need a quick, easy, cheap day-brightener. You could do this with Coke bottles, milk bottles, antique bottles, or anything else you might have on hand. I love the Pellegrino bottles because I like the green glass and the blue and white labels. (I also love to drink Pellegrino, so I have a steady supply of the bottles. I've loved it ever since I saw Harrison Ford order a Pellegrino from the flight attendant on his private jet in the movie Sabrina. Anyone else love that movie?)

If you needed small arrangements for several tables for a casual dinner party, it might be fun to put one bottle on each table, maybe with a few votive candles placed around it. Quick and easy, inexpensive and fun.

New year, here we come!


  1. I love that movie, too. :) Cute arrangement!

  2. I am doing the Flylady thing and she often talks about "flat surfaces" being a huge catch-all. I'm sure she would suggest to you to take 20 minutes a day to work on your kitchen so you don't feel overwhelmed :D

  3. Fresh flowers are always a day-brightener! I also struggle with the kitchen pile-ups. And I like how our blogging can keep us accountable. Blessings!!

  4. I covet that gorgeous island! I guess I shouldn't say that out loud...but I did...and I do. Good luck keeping it clutter free.


  5. What a new beginning! I must also add....I love those counter tops! Beautiful!!!!

  6. Now that school is back I have much more time to work on my decluttering and organzing.... something I love to do this time of year. Love your kitchen. I miss my granite countertops, our new house doesn't have them... but hopefully one day I can upgrade!

  7. Let me know how that vow to keep your island clear of clutter works out. I think mine has an invisible clutter magnet built into it somewhere.

  8. Flowers are so beautiful!!!the counter tops are looking beautiful....Good luck
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  9. I love that movie too! My husband bought me that movie for my, several years ago. It's still one of our favorite 'chick flicks' to watch. Just love your house! Congratulations on the de-cluttering. We've been doing that here too. Doesn't it just seem like you can even breathe better? Enjoy the Pelligrino and pretty flowers. Blessings ~

  10. I can so relate about the countertop dilemma! I thought it was just me...I have piles that never seem to go away even though I built a stand-up desk area for my calendar, etc. Doesn't matter, I still have piles! I'm working on this too... is you're successful you have to share your tips!!



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