Sunday, March 20

Prayers for the week VI

Today I'm sharing small daily prayers again. I'm grateful to have heard from a number of you who have said that you're praying along with me. What a privilege.

I like to start every day with the Lord's Prayer, and I pray throughout the day for various needs. But sometime during my workday, I like to pause and just spend a moment apart—a little time to re-orient my thoughts, a brief respite to center my thoughts once again on God.

If that sounds like something that would be nourishing to your soul, too, I'd love for you to join me. Here are small prayers to share for each day of the week.


Pause for prayer: Lord, we are stunned by all the happenings in our world. So much is disquieting, even terrifying, and we feel helpless. But we know that you are not helpless: you are good and strong and faithful. So we worship you and ask for your help. Help us, Lord. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, as we start this new week, we ask you to help us guard our hearts and our tongues. May we keep our hearts focused on what is good and right and helpful. And may we use our tongues to speak words of encouragement and to impart grace to one another. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, the details of this week’s work are bearing down upon us. We feel the pressure mounting. So we pause. We let go of tension. We inhale your grace and exhale your peace. We ask for your help, and we trust you to provide. Thank you for being with us. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, help. So much of the news of our world is distressing. At times we feel as though we lurch from crisis to crisis with no respite. Yet we know that you are good and that you care for us. Help us to hold on to hope and to leave our worries with you. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, you have always given strength for the day. So now, weak as we may feel, we trust that you will give us strength once again. We surrender ourselves into your care, believing that you love us and that you will provide what we need. Thank you. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, we are so grateful that in a world of upheaval and heartbreak, you are constant and faithful and good. There is so much to worry us, God, but we never have to worry about whether you love us. We are thankful that you are with us and for us, always. Amen.


Pause for prayer: Lord, we come before you today simply to express our gratitude for all the ways you’ve blessed us: the things we see plus the countless things we can’t see…the people who love us and whom we love…the very air we breathe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.

In my mind's eye, I like to picture all of us pausing to pray these prayers at some point during each day. Isn't that a lovely thought?

Grace and peace to you this week!

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