Tuesday, August 20

How to make a pedicure last longer

This may be the most frivolous post I've ever written.  But after a really heavy week, I'm ready for some frivolity.  And I discovered a little trick that I just had to share--how to make a pedicure last longer!

Told you it was frivolous.

I got a professional pedicure on June 27--my first in a long time.  I love to get a pedicure, but I don't do it very often, because it's time-consuming and expensive.  My French pedicure made me feel like a million bucks, though, so it was worth it. 

Unfortunately, within a couple of weeks, my toes looked like this:

The tips still looked fine, but the nails had grown, leaving an unsightly mess at the base.  Lacking the time or money to go get another pedicure, I pulled out these trusty tools:

I simply used the block to smooth away the roughness at the base of my toenails, being careful not to disturb the tips.  (I just held the block at an angle so that it only touched the part of my nail that I wanted to file.)  Then I applied a new clear coat over the top of my toenails.  

Believe it or not, I took this photo on July 27--a whole month after I first got this pedicure.  At this point I'd done my smooth-and-recoat trick twice!

While they're perfect like freshly done nails, they look pretty good to me!  And all it took was a few minutes of my time.  

Got any beauty tricks to share?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. lookin' good!!! was just thinking about you this morning... re-reading the prayer/comment I left and praying again. I hope you are breathing... that this week will be easier. love you!!!

  2. What a great idea Richela! Your feet look fresh and great with your simple, and fast tip! I often make myself pedicures so my feet can be sandal ready and because the beauty place is across my Street and here a full pedicure is only $8! I know.. Hugs,

  3. Richella,

    It will get easier but my heart hurts for you and anyone who has to be away from a family member over a long period of time...especially a child.

    I have NEVER had a professional pedi...never, not that I wouldn't LOVE one. Like you, I can't justify spending the money on something so "frivolous" as that...for me. Now I would get someone else a gift certificate or whatever... just haven't been able to do it for me. I may have to take the plunge before I get too old and die! You did a great job on spiffing your pedi right up! There is something that does make me feel better and more presentable when I am sporting my homemade pedi...it'll have to do for now!

  4. Smart girl! I haven't had a pedicure this summer because I'm trying to spend the money on other things. It sounds wonderful though. I see that Fabby says a pedicure is $8.00 where she lives! Wow! It's $40 or so here but really....worth it when the time is right. :)

  5. you sure have pretty shaped toes... lucky girl~!
    you've made that pedi last and they look great.
    thanks for the tip.

  6. This is a great tip! I usually DIY my pedicure but the salon ones looks so much better.


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