Monday, August 5

One last month

Today I'm looking for advice.

Why?  Because today is August 5, 2013.  And one month from today I will be. . . wait for it. . . 50 years old.

50.  How did that happen?

My precious friends and me at a wedding this summer.
Surely we're not old enough for our kids to be getting married, are we?!
I can hardly believe that I'll be a half-century old.  I think I may have to start admitting to myself that I'm middle-aged!

So today, tell me--what do you think I should do in this last month of my 40's??


  1. My gosh! You look wonderful for any age, dear! Do your favorite thing...something you will do when you turn 50 because, in our hearts and minds, we really are forever young.

    Looking forward to learning what you end up doing. Hope you will blog on it. :-)


  2. I did that 4 years ago. I have done my share of freaking out about it, but as long as I keep my eye on the prize, and remember that "I'm not home yet" all is good.
    You look great.

  3. You look beautiful! Maybe 49 random acts of kindness?

  4. Well, I have beaten you to the punch almost by nine years. My mind hasn't gotten the message yet but my body tries to remind it every now and again! You know, it really is true that age is only a number and you are only as old as you feel. This is coming from a "girl" whose parents lived into their 90' sweet mama was nearly 98! So girl, we got lots more livin' to do!

  5. Aw, you are all so beautiful. Patty looked amazing!

    You live life well. Continue doing so!

  6. Hi, Richella. I'm 51 and proud of it! This new season of life is amazing and filled with opportunities but also challenges. God will be faithful as you continue to serve Him.

    I enjoyed our morning devotion at Haven so much. just being in the room with likeminded women gave me encouragement for the day. It was good to meet you!

  7. 40 is the old age of youth; 50 is the youth of old age. I think you should do 30 days of "youthful" activities: color with crayons, play with dolls, play with Play-Doh, swing on a swing set, drink a Shirley Temple instead of a glass of wine....You get the idea! Have fun.

  8. I don't know what to suggest, but you look great! Keep doing whatever it is that you're doing - it's working!

  9. Find a thankful reason for each of your 50 years. You'll be so overwhelmed with gratefulness.

    Love the teal dress, so pretty.

  10. Celebrate each day as it comes - with grace of course : ) I have joined "that" club but am thankful for each year. I know so many who did not make it to this milestone year. God bless you and this wonderful season of life!

  11. Hello, Well Happy Birthday soon!
    Do what you love and love what you do!
    Read the world through His eyes!
    Give honor where honor is due.
    Be madly in love with the one you said I do too!

  12. You will hit that milestone with my baby sister!! Did you catch b.a.b.y.? Yeah, passed that years ago. I have no idea what I did in my 40s except usual churxch, wife, mom stuff. My sister however is again a single professional with no kids. She spent more on a vaca than moms can, but she went on a photo safari in Africa!!

  13. I turned 50 last year and I wanted to bring in the "2nd half" with a bang so I went sky diving. My son whose birthday is the day after mine went with me. It was a totally awesome day and something that we shared as mother and son. Today, I can't believe that I did it but so glad that I did. Any way you choose to celebrate will be great! Happy Birthday!

  14. Congratulations, Richella. Just enjoy every second of it. I loved being 50!!! xo Diana

  15. My 50's have been fabulous, and I bet yours will be too! Don't be afraid!

  16. I guess, I never gave it much thought but I'll be 50 in two days, so maybe I should figure something out beings, I'm in the last two days of my 40's! Yikes!!!

  17. Okay, I'm chuckling just a little bit, Richella. It really is just a number, and you are only as old as you feel. The best birthday present I received on my 50th birthday was news that our daughter was expecting twins, our first grandchildren. This past February I celebrated 64 years, and have been married to my sweet man for 44 years. We have two great children ( happily married) and six fantastic grandchildren. I wouldn't change a thing! You will be just fine!

  18. just remember it's only a number and that number does not define you...I say this as I am mere days away from my 60th..gah, how did that happen.

  19. I agree with everyone else... you make "almost" 50 look fabulous!
    Maybe do 50 acts of grace. Some towards others, some just for yourself. After all, it's important to show grace to ourselves too!
    Hugs, 50 of them, Friend!

  20. You look and ARE amazing, my dear, so what you shouldn't do is sweat about it (like I did last April--ha!). I think you should write out 50 serious blessings and tuck them away somewhere to read on the days when you feel older than every other "hip" mom at church or when you're feeling frumpy and, well, 50ish.

    And I think you should splurge and celebrate in the way that suits you best. My husband took me to the swankiest hotel in Chicago for my birthday weekend. I felt so indulged and so special and I loved every minute of it. It was just perfect for me.

  21. Oh don't look anywhere near 50!!! You are so pretty inside and out. :) Maybe you could get away with just your hubby and enjoy a nice weekend together. We all need to spoil ourselves every once in a while. :)

  22. Jordan and I really enjoyed meeting you and talking to you at Haven. First of all, I thought you were 30 - can't believe you are almost 50. The decade from 50 to 60 was the best of my life. I know, I know. I am sure I should have said the decades when our kids were at home were the best. But at age 50 I started finding the things I enjoy - travel, bicycling, - and I gained a confidence that only age can provide. Enjoy your last month.

  23. I am 55 and I am so glad to have made it to this age. Being a cancer survivor, I thought that maybe I would not be around at 55 but I am and remain cancer free !!
    So my advice to you is to be HAPPY with each birthday no matter what age it makes you because you are still here to celebrate it!
    Now go out and have a heck of a good time this month!!
    I love being in my 50's because that is when I became an empty nester and had the whole house to myself and have a lot more time for the things that i want to do!!


  24. Spend every moment that you can being happy and doing those things that make you happy with those who bring you joy. Isn't that the recipe for a great life?!

    Remember - age is just a number and only has importance if you grant it importance.

    Blessings to you!


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