Wednesday, May 29

Faux Roman shade

I love the look of a Roman shade, don't you?  Such a wonderful way to add a burst of pattern and color without the busy lines of some window treatments.

Years ago I created a method for making no-sew faux Roman shades.  With hundreds of thousands of views, that tutorial is my most popular post of all time.

I've been in a mood for change, though, so I wanted to replace the dark fabric with something lighter and brighter.  But I had a couple of problems:
  1. This window faces west, and light fabrics let too much light through to look good, even when doubled.
  2. This window is 57 inches wide, so even extra-wide fabrics didn't quite cover the whole space.
The nice lady at the fabric store suggested that I line the shades with black-out liner.  This was a very logical suggestion, and it would have worked well for the nice lady at the fabric store, who is an expert seamstress.

I am not an expert seamstress.  I have never been able to get the lining of anything to lie flat.  So that option wouldn't work.  I tried to glue the liner to the shade, but that didn't work well, either.  Still couldn't get that thing to lie flat.  All I got was a bunched-up mess.

As I stood there surveying my bunched-up mess, I said to myself, "If only there were some way just to get the liner to cover the window without having to attach it to the shade."

Tip for using lightweight fabric to create a faux Roman shade, staple blackout fabric directly to window behind the shade.

Then the light bulb turned on.  I cut a small piece of black-out liner to cover the top of each window and simply stapled them in place.

Couldn't have been easier.

Using blackout fabric behind a faux Roman shade ensures that light doesn't show through the shade

The lining panels are completely hidden behind the shade.  They just quietly hang there and do their job.  I may write them a love song.

Now for the second problem!  Once lining issue was solved, I was free to use any fabric I liked, but I still had the challenge of the extra-wide windows.

Then I ran across the Kavita tablecloth from World Market.  The colors were exactly what I wanted, and best of all it was 60 inches wide.  More than enough for my window!

I bought the 60"x120" tablecloth and followed my own tutorial to create a new Roman shade. (It uses a secret tool: the oval tension rod!)  I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

Tutorial for making a faux Roman shade using fabric and tension rods

I especially like the way the pattern of the tablecloth provides interest on each side.  I was simply careful to hang the shade so that the design is centered on the window.

A brand-new look for my kitchen window for a little bit of time and less than $40.00.  I'm so happy with it!

What do you think?  See any tablecloth-cum-Roman-shades in your future?

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  1. Oh I love it and your fabric is gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great idea using the tablecloth as fabric!

  3. I like the idea of using a tablecloth as a shade. I have some sewing skill but I typically don't like to use them because they are super reliable.

  4. goodness you made that look easy... but the effect is fabulous! I love the warm and gorgeously welcoming color of your kitchen....

  5. Great looking roman shade dear Richella! I love it in your warm kitchen, which for a change is in nice warm wood color!

  6. Smart! I used a shower curtain to make a slip cover for a queen padded headboard. The right tablecloth would work, too. thanks for the tip!

  7. Your a genius! This is like one of those A HA moments....LOL Its a gorgeous blind, you did a tremendous!

  8. Aren't you smart to think of stapling the black out fabric to your window and for using an inexpensive tablecloth for your fabric? I love your new kitchen window treatment!

  9. It looks light and lovely. Beautiful new look Richella! Thanks for the sweet comment. I've missed my blog friends.

  10. Looks great! I really like the tablecloth fabric you chose.

  11. Hi Richella, Your kitchen is beautiful and I love the new shade! I am pinning your directions for our next house. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

  12. What great ideas, both of them!! It looks fabulous!

  13. This is DIVINE! And what a gorgeous kitchen! Yes, I need a Roman shade in my kitchen--the western sun in the summer is piercing around 6:00. I'm going to see what I can come up with using your tutorial.

  14. I think you may have started a new trend with the lining technique! Lovely fabric, and a perfect solution to your width problem. :-) Beautiful!
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  15. That was a great solution for the wide windows, and very pretty, too!

  16. I love the fabric choice!! {And your double window of the sink!!}

  17. Thanks for the updated tutorial! I followed the original one about a year ago and was so happy with the results. Like you, I have an extra wide kitchen window and couldn't find fabric that was wide enough. After searching high and low, I found that a tablecloth that was the perfect width - I love using items in ways that they weren't originally meant for! I also had a hard time finding tension rods strong enough to hold my fabric, so used shower curtain rods instead and that did the trick. Thanks again for sharing! Your new shade is beautiful!

  18. Great post...I have been wanting to make these!!...Love the fabric!!!

  19. I'm impressed with your creativity and innovative approach.. Great job..

  20. You are a Genious with this Roman Shades I want them for my new Home in Yorba Linda! Excellent Job

  21. Great write up! Aren't you smart to think of stapling the black out fabric to your window and for using an inexpensive tablecloth for your fabric? I love your new kitchen window treatment!


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