Sunday, April 14

Weekend fun in the springtime

Hi friends!  Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Take a look at what's blooming around here:

See the wisteria hanging just above the azaleas?

And just look at this perfect dogwood blossom:

There's a price to pay for living in such a lush locale as North Carolina, though.  The pollen is absolutely choking.  I wiped off the table on my screened porch (or tried to)--and here's my cloth:

Now it's coated even more thickly than before.  Sneeze, cough, sneeze.

Just for fun, I'll share this photo my husband snapped last night with his iPhone:

We went to a gala to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House at the North Carolina Children's Hospital.  Such a good cause!  As you might guess, the theme was The Wizard of Oz.  Aren't the characters cute?  Yes, there was a yellow brick road that we followed to enter the ballroom.  Such fun.

Lots of us were wearing black, though, and when went out onto the patio, the staff warned us not to lean up against anything.  Black dresses and tuxedos don't look so great with pollen smeared all over them.  So today I wore a chartreuse dress to church--I figured if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

What have you been up to this weekend?  Has spring arrived in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love the wisteria! The pollen is not so friendly here either...even though today we had a mix of rain, rain/snow mix and a bit of sunshine. Something to please everyone : )

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  3. I have to say that is a great cause. Great pictures of those lovely blooms. I love wisteria. One of my favorites.


  4. Oh, we were in Savannah last week and the pollen was awful there too. What gorgeous signs of spring in your photos! Gotta love the Wizard of Oz, pollen and all! Happy week!

  5. the flowers are gorgeous! but the pollen- ICK! you made me laugh about your church dress :)


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