Saturday, April 27

Just when you need a laugh

Some people own gift shops.  Some run booths at antique malls.  Some sell their items online.

And some, apparently, simply use restroom stalls at gas stations to display their wares.  Stalls in the men's room, no less.

An actual photo snapped by my husband
Gotta admire the entrepreneurial spirit, right?

My favorite part is the availability of a layaway plan for large items.  What's yours?


  1. This is hilarious! I can't see too many men shopping for the type of items sold in that men's room though. Thanks for giving us all a good laugh. Blessings, Patti

  2. Surely there was a shopping cart outside the door for all those big items. This is hilarious.

  3. Ok...and I really appreciate spell check...available

  4. Yikes! It would have to be super cute and able to be safely disinfected for me to buy something off a bathroom wall. Too funny!

  5. Oh my word!! Can you just imagine a guy sitting there, thinking, "My wife would love that, I should buy it for her"
    ( & Your husband didn't buy you that cross for your wall??? : )
    You have to wonder, who thought that, that was a good idea....
    Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle... : )

  6. Eeeep! Now this is too much and I love the layaway plan too right on the toilet paper can't miss it. LOL


  7. That's what I was thinking--layaway? For $20? I guess you could throw them a buck or two every now and then and have your mauve-ribboned heart shelf paid for in a couple of years. Sweet!

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  9. This is too funny! I go to an antiques mall where they have items for display in the ladies room (not sure about the men's) haha- the placement of the layaway sign is a riot!

  10. i have never seen quite a display!!!! i chuckle at the ads on the back of the stall doors, but THIS!!! is priceless. and the layaway sign takes the cake!


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