Tuesday, September 25

Autumn mantel

My living room mantel tends to stay the same, season after season--except for Christmas. Christmas changes everything! I don't usually do seasonal mantelscapes other than for Christmas.

But this year the call of Fall was just too strong to resist, so I put together the simplest of Autumn mantels.  Here it is:

 Very simple, isn't it?

Fall leaves in a vase filled with wine corks.  Plus a giant pine cone.

Our yard is full of pine cones, but this is the only giant one I've ever found.  Not sure how it got in my yard, but I like it!

We'll be lighting the fire soon, but for now the hearth is warmed up a bit with a few fallish elements.

These bundles of sticks remind me of sheaves of grain.  So far, though, they've mostly ended up as a playthings for my 15-year-old as he sits in the club chair to watch NFL.   One stalk at a time, my sheaves are dwindling.  Oh, well.  I'd rather have the boy than the sticks.

How's the Fall decorating going at your house?

I'm joining some fun parties:


  1. Nice mantle I love the wine corks in the jar. Your comment about your son playing with the sticks makes me LOL, my boys do the same thing! Too funny!

  2. Super fun.

    I enjoy changing mine often ... at least once a season or more.


  3. Sharon @ Desert Willow LaneSeptember 25, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    Love your mantel. Now I have an idea for all of the wine corks I've been saving. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So pretty! I love fall decorating and I haven't even done it yet!

    Yours looks lovely:)

  5. Your mantel is lovely, and I completely LOVE that armchair and ottoman! -- Min

  6. Beautiful mantle decor and pinecone Richella. I agree, simple is best for me these days as well.

    Happy fall to you!

  7. Your mantel looks great! I don't do much changing around, either, except for Christmas. I change out just a few things and call it done.

  8. Perfect! I do love that giant pinecone! And even more knowing it came from your own backyard!

  9. I love your mantel decorations, Richelle. Very pretty!...Christine

  10. Love the "nod" to fall. Very very nice. That pear shaped gourd on the hearth is beautiful!

  11. Beautiful and simple, Richella. I love the touch of the corks!

  12. Love the corks in the vase. And I'm drooling over your beadboard cabinets. You did a good job of balancing the things on the bottom (hearth)! I struggle with that. And boys always have to be messing with something. Big boys and little boys! :)

  13. so pretty! and warm :) and the corks!!! the perfect boost for those leaves. i am loooonging for fall leaves :)


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