Friday, September 14

Autumn at my front door

Even though Fall doesn't officially start until September 22, it's already Autumn in my heart--and now it's starting to look like Autumn around my house!  Here's a peek at my outdoor decor.

Our front door is bare during the hot weather, but I like to make a wreath for Fall.   This year's wreath is pretty simple.  I just used fallish elements from my craft stash and hot glue to create it.  I started with a straw form that I covered in moss.  Then I glued on a bunch of colorful silk leaves:

With that as a base, I then poked and glued in fallish elements--seed pods, pine cones, sweetgum balls, sheaves of grain--anything I could find in my craft stash that looked fallish got added to the wreath.  I did go through several sticks of glue, but I'm happy with the result.

I hung the wreath on the front door only to find it completely covered with dew the next morning. I mean, it was dripping.  So I let it dry thoroughly and then gave it a coating of clear spray paint.  I'm hoping the clear finish will keep it from mildewing. The spray paint gives it a glossy finish, but that's okay with me.

By the way, I hang my front door wreath from a wreath hanger.  My hanger sort of blends in with the color of the door--I highly recommend painting a door hanger the same color as the door so that it doesn't detract from the beauty of your wreath.  Wreath hangers tend to be a little too short for my taste, so I use wire to hang the wreath a bit lower.  You can't really see the wire, and my wreath ends up where I want it.

Mums flank the front door along with with some pumpkins and gourds.  I'll be excited to add some real pumpkins to the mix in a couple of weeks.  By then the mums should be in full bloom, and then it WILL be Autumn!

The sitting area to the right of the front door is one of our favorite spots to relax in the Autumn.  I made simple autumn leaf pillows for the loveseat.  You can read about those here.

The tabletop holds a very simple vignette--a couple of pumpkins along with a plant and a "Welcome" sign.  Simple but good.

Officially or unofficially, it's Fall at my house.  How about yours?

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  1. Every time I see your front porch Richella, I fall in love with it all over again :) Your home is truly inspirational and as soon as I get my furniture and decor, I'll be going crazy adding some Fall to our home too :)

  2. Your home is so beautiful and your front porch looks very welcoming! Can't wait to see more of your fall decor!

  3. I love your home...and you...and your style! (Love the wreath)

    I am always excited to visit your blog! (I'd like to visit with you on your front porch)

    Have a great weekend Richella!

    Love, Linda

  4. Gorgeous. I absolutely love your home. Happy Fall! XO ~Liz

  5. Friend, that porch is calling me to come have a pumpkin spice latte with you. It's lovely. I just made a burlap ruffle wreath for my front door, my first craft in forever. I feel like fall is my craftiest season. Must be the inspired air. : )

  6. I'm planning on getting out the autumn decor this weekend. Of course, the scarecrow that goes on the front porch will end up being played with all day. I LOVE my autumn candles and hurricanes - pumpkin spice and so warm and inviting. And last year I got the best wreath at Costco - who knew? Plus I have the pumpkin with the white lights by the hearth, along with the gaudy purple sparkly pumpkin chosen by Elizabeth when she was 5.

    Then it's time to bake Pumpkin Bread - I need three loaves for my little goblins who eat it all up while it's still warm!



  7. Great wreath. You make it look so easy to put together. I've just got to get more creative like you.

    I've, once again, tried to redecorate and use a wreath I've used every fall for about 10 years. This year was not a win so I'm back to the drawing board. I hate it when I have a brilliant idea and the end result is trash worthy :)

  8. This looks so beautiful. The mums will be beautiful when bloomed. It isn't really "autumn weather" here, but I couldn't resist getting my fall decor out this week. I will be posting what I've done so far.

  9. It looks so pretty and inviting Richella! Wish we could sit in that sunroom and drink coffee and talk for hours.
    Blessings friend,

  10. oh, i just love those pillows and seating area. off to check out your tutorial on how you made them!

  11. Beautiful! I especially love your sitting area.


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