Monday, March 12

Smart phone help needed

I am a lucky woman. I own a "smart" phone. But the truth is that it might as well be a dumb phone. Aside from the apps that came pre-loaded on my phone, here are all my apps:

Twitter and Facebook apps that my son downloaded for me. A game that my youngest son loaded once during a long wait at a physician's office. And the two apps I actually loaded for myself: Solitaire and SleepMachine. That's it. There's not another screen of apps waiting to be used. This is all I have.

Sad, isn't it? I feel as though one of my parents might say, "Lots of poor people would give anything to have a phone like that; now you'd better use it!"

But the truth is that I'm kind of intimidated by having a phone that's smarter than I am. I don't know where to begin. I'm not brave with technology; I'm always a little afraid that I might mess things up.

Until now, that is. I'm tired of being scared to use this amazing tool. So I've signed up for a newsletter that I thought you might want to know about. It's called appSmitten. Once a week, they'll send me a newsletter recommending apps that I might like to try.

Do you need smart phone help, too? You can sign up for the free appSmitten newsletter by clicking here. I signed up to be an appSmitten affiliate; that's how impressed I am by this idea.

How about you? Do you have a smartphone? If so, are there apps that you can't do without? I'd love to know!


  1. I'm so looking into this! I'm lost with my smart phone too and it's just sad. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I'll be watching this post carefully. I'm one of those poor people who would love to have a smart phone instead of my dumb phone. Of course, if I had one I'd be in your shoes and not know what to do with it. Hence, my monitoring of this post! haha

  3. I am a dinosaur in a race horse world. I only do the basics on my phone but I am glad to have Bluetooth. Good luck figuring that whole thing out! xo Diana

  4. Oh, Richella, you are not a lucky person, you are a blessed person :) The BEST apps I've found so far (I'm a newbie too) are sigalert for traffic, gasbuddy for the cheapest gas station near me, youversion for my Bible, kindle for my kindle,heytell which lets you speak what you want to text instead of typing it & shopsavvy which lets you scan an item at a store & then tells you if that item is selling cheaper somewhere else. I used that A LOT at Christmas :)

  5. I do not use a Smart Phone, but if I did, I would definitely download Evernote. I have it on my work computer and home computer so the items I clip (recipes & articles from blogs) can be seen at both places. I know it is available for cell phone also and can think of so many more uses for it. Check it out!

    Judy :)

  6. i don't have one....kind of wish i did though, so i could play words with friends while away from home!

  7. my favorite android apps:

    Tweetdeck: If you use twitter
    Tripit: for travelers
    OpenTable: for restaurant reservations
    Groupon: get the deals on your phone
    TripAdvisor: like the website
    Dropbox: your computer files on your phone (and other computers)
    Barcode scanner
    Birthdays - Free: get your facebook friends birthdays on your phone
    Find my car: When you leave your car start the app. When you leave the store or restaurant, it helps you find your car.
    Goodreads: like the website, track your books and share ideas with friends
    IMDB: What was that actor's name? Internet Movie Database
    Maps and Navigator: Use these so much
    NPR Road trip: find NPR stations
    And some games, too.

  8. Weather channel and local weather apps especially useful during severe weather .
    JoAnns so that you will always have a coupon with you.
    The best way to learn about your phone is just to use it and play with it.Have fun!.

  9. the apps on my phone are mainly games for my kids but the ones for me are facebook, netflix(i have a streaming subscription, a paid app for my camera(lets me crop and add things to photos i take with my iphone), jewelquest(game), redbox(so i can put movies on hold), pinterest(love to use this while in a waiting room), cozi(family organizer-free and LOVE!!), pandora(for music-i am not one to download songs), craiglist, gasbuddy, and my weight watcher apps.

  10. Oh Richella... ;) I used to call my old phone stoopid but now I am :D and I just found out today about AppSmitten and guess who picks em for twitter? KIM from Today's Creative Blogs! ;) I have her email if you'd like? And yes Gas Buddy is great! Mountains of the US gives great maps right down to aerial view of my favorites in Rockies, Badlands omgoodness. I played.Polaris office lets u open Word&PDF on phone ...lotsa toys ;) email me if I can help or get u in touch w Kim. Oxo-s

  11. I've got a "dumb" phone, so don't have to worry about all that Greek just yet! :-) So sorry to hear about your poor son on vacation. Yuk! Hope he's feeling better and that it turns out to be nothing serious.- By the by, I'm STILL working on my posts about friendship, so if you still have something you'd like to share, feel free to send it my way.- Hope you have a wonderful evening friend!

  12. I only have a "dumb" phone!!! I doubt I could handle a smart phone, I am VERY technologically challenged:):)

  13. I loooove by blogging & Etsy apps, blogger has a free one now & I use BlogPress a lot to post from my phone. Also try instagram, its so much fun. You can also download apps that help keep up with everyday things like your bank app, insurance apps, there's fun stuff like Pinterest apps & so on. Dive in girly! The phone fool proof, have fun with it! :-)


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