Sunday, February 12

Better than an alarm clock

Every day, I feed our two doggies at 5:00 P.M. sharp. And every day at 4:50, Snickers and Cocoa start this routine:

First they just station themselves by their bowls. When I don't feed them right away, they start dancing around. Well, Snickers the beagle does most of the dancing; Cocoa mostly just sits and looks at me with her puppy-dog eyes.

It's uncanny that they know exactly what time it is. Suddently it occurred to me: they have clocks in their stomachs. You know, like Barney Fife. Do you remember Barney's clock in the stomach?

Here's the clip, just for fun:

Anyone at your house have clock in the stomach? It's a very common condition, after all!


  1. Our daughter's mini dachshund does the same thing. He goes to the bowl, then looks at the cabinet where his food is kept, then gives you that mournful sorrowful look. He will go round in circles, because he knows that will get your attention and you will feed him. He is precious!

  2. What cute little alarm clocks. Carla

  3. So funny! We had a dog named Cocoa growning up and my aunt had a dog named Snickers:) My boys have clocks in their stomachs, but their alarms seem to go off constantly!

  4. Our Golden Retriever Oakley does the same thing. She eats at 5pm and comes looking for her dish every time right on time. She gets so excited each time and twirls when she hears us scooping out her food. Dogs are delightful!

  5. Oh my gracious Richella I'm smiling so big at this cute post. Your sweet dogs are adorable! Yes, Chestnut has a clock in his stomach. Good thing it's not at 5 am though since I'm definitely not a morning person. Ha!

    We will have to plan a NC bloggers get together. Maybe for this summer? Hooray!

  6. Yes! Too funny!! Emma the Pomeranian positions herself at the bottom of the stairs in the morning and barks if we try to sleep in. :s

  7. This post makes me laugh! I have 3 mini doxies that seem to have clocks in their stomachs, too. My little boy doxie will sit right in my lap and poke my nose with his nose if I don't get up and feed him.

  8. Richella...your two doggies are sweet. I think it is amazing how God made clocks in tummies!!! I have one in my tummy too!

    I ~LOVE~ The Andy Griffith Show! I still watch it. (:>) I liked this little clip. Wasn't Barney a hoot? He's such a mess! (:>)

    Have a lovely day!

  9. My Lucy is the same way! I try so hard to sleep in a little on Saturdays, but she likes to keep to her schedule. Luckily, she will usually come back to bed with me and snuggle for a little while longer :)

  10. They are adorable!
    My ferrets have a clock in their tummies, too!!


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