Tuesday, January 17

Tiny tip: making cut flowers last longer

On these grey January days, cut flowers are a real treat. Whether they come from the florist's shop or the grocery story, flowers are a cheerful addition to any decor. Here's are some tip for making them last longer.

  • Remove flowers from their packaging. Cut the stems and remove any foliage that will be below the water line.
  • Fill a vase with water; add a couple of drops of chlorine bleach to the water. The bleach helps to keep the water fresh and will make the flowers last longer. Be sure to replenish the water if it gets low.
  • When flowers open up, remove the pollen-producing anthers.

Warning: you'll get pollen on your hands when you do this; be sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterword.

Here's how the flowers will look with the anthers removed:

If you follow these simple steps, your flowers will stay pretty for quite a long time!

**I'm joining Beth at Home Stories A to Z for her Tutorials and Tips party.**


  1. I've never heard of removing the anthers, is that to just avoid pollen in the air or the mess or another reason? Also, my grnadma taught me to cut stems at an angle under a stream of tap water, just a thought! Have a good flower day!

  2. I bought flowers last week at Trader Joe's. Thanks for the easy tips.


  3. Good tip!! I never really appreciate fresh flowers...probably b/c they die so quickly. I'll have to try this!!

  4. Oh Richella...I love to get flowers and I want them to last as long as they can. Thanks for the tips. I never have put bleach in the water....just the little packet of stuff that comes with the flowers. Will that packet be enough...or should I add the bleach too?

    Hey, I am excited for the new website with you 33 gals. I think you and September are the only ones I know. I can't wait to see what it is all about!

    Love ya,

  5. A quick tip that has saved many of my clothes....If you get pollen on you, don't wipe! Use tape and gently press down on the pollen. It will lift right up. If you wipe, it will stain your clothes.

  6. Hmmm, hubby just got me flowers for my b-day, have you ever tried this tip with roses?

  7. Fresh flowers in January are just what is need to brighten things up inside. Making them last longer with a drop of bleach is a great tip. I remember ruining a white shirt in my waitressing days when I move bud vases from table to table and got pollen on the front of my shirt. Nothing would remove it!

  8. Richella, you totally remind me of Heloise! You've got all the tips and tricks up your sleeve. : ) Love this.

  9. Okay, I did not know about the anthers! You learn something new everyday. :) Thanks for the tips. You are quite the source of information!

  10. I love fresh flowers in the winter particularly in January. In fact I picked up my first bunch of tulips yesterday. I so enjoy looking at them!


  11. Another great tip is to add one teaspoon of sugar with one aspirin to the water.

  12. Brilliant! Now I just need some fresh flowers... :)


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