Monday, December 26

Christmas haul

I can scarcely believe all I got for Christmas, but I'd like to share with you. The list is just too exciting to keep to myself! I got










Sound too good to be true? Well, I haven't received large portions of all of these yet. But this is what I'm getting. These are the things that are being given to me--the fruit of the Spirit of the Lord that lives within me--all because of the greatest gift ever given (Galatians 5:22).


The same gift was given to you, too. So even though the "big day" is over, we still celebrate Christmas.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10).

What did you get for Christmas?


  1. the promise is so good. thank you for the reminder! and i am so happy that you had all 5 for christmas!

  2. Richella, you have a lovely heart! The fruit of the Spirit is what we are promised as we abide in Him. And what a wonderful gift that is. It is lasting and continues to grow, not like many of the material gifts we may receive. I love this post and your photos are simply beautiful.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Richella- I am blessed with those same things. Thank you for the Monday Morning Reminder though- Merry Monday- xo Diana

  4. Merry Christmas my sweet friend. You are truly blessed - WE are truly blessed :)

  5. Beautifully written, and so true... the most precious gifts can't be bought with money.

  6. Beautiful post! These are the true gifts that God gives us.


  7. Wonderful post and a wonderful way to be reminded of the fruits of the spirit that we are given as members of Christ's family!

  8. Not an original comment, but this is a beautiful post. I did, however, giggle at the "patience-labeled" Lego pic. Haha. My boys have ALL the patience in the world for that! (But that's about it! Lol.)

  9. No other gift in thew world is worth all of those! :-) I hope you had wonderful family time this season.

  10. Thank you for that wonderful reminder! I've been enjoying a WholyFit routine lately that includes the fruits of the spirit, and it is so good to dwell on these gems that are giving to us so freely, but that we can often fail to pass along to others.- Let's keep on re-gifting!!

  11. The best Christmas gifts...Oh yes the gifts of the spirit...and an abundant life with Jesus! We are all so blessed by the gift of His son!

    I was blessed by my 58 yr. old brother Dan accepting Jesus this Christmas! He had a quadruple by-pass less than two weeks ago, and he is staying with us recuperating. He was very anxious, and wasn't doing good at all on Christmas Eve...and we all had a melt down, and called the doctor, because he was so agitated. But then he finally calmed down. Then the next morning on Christmas...after watching a preacher on tv, ...He Got Saved!!

    Then when we had our family gathering on the 26th he told us all that he had given his life to Jesus! Isn't that awesome? It was a tearful...but happy Christmas! Now we are praying for his full recovery.

    I know you know all about heart surgeries...and can sympathize. I am praising God for the surgery that He did on Dan's heart, since he had rejected Jesus for many years....and now is praising Jesus for His love!

  12. Thank you for your words. Aren't we so blessed this year...I know I am!!!

  13. Your post is fabulous! (As is your year in review above this post!) you have such a wonderful spirit about you and it's clear to anyone who comes over that God speaks to us here. (I love the picture of the Legos that goes along with "patience.") Your blog is a spiritual shot in the arm. xoxo
    Happy New Year and many, many blessings in 2012.

  14. I love this post, Richella! I needed to be reminded of this...I NEED to be reminded, every day! :) Happy New Year!


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