Tuesday, December 28

Christmas fun with big kids

You know how much fun it is to watch little kids as they open their gifts on Christmas morning? Well, little kids get to be big kids very quickly. Believe me, you should take lots of pictures and savor the moments when they're little.

But big kids are fun, too.

Snickers is wondering what might be in the big blue box. She gives Will a kiss to encourage him to open it.

It's a big-boy toy.

Preston proudly shows Will his UNC ornament. Will's blood is Duke-blue, but Preston loves Carolina. (Preston's currently waiting to hear from all the colleges to which he applied, and UNC is one of his top choices.)

Lee's (LegoLee329, that is) Christmas list consisted solely of Lego products. No surprise there. The big surprise was that Lee's Christmas gift to Dad was a Lego set that Dad's always admired!

Of course Cocoa had to watch over the Christmas fun:

And the icing on the cake (get it? icing?) was that we had a beautiful snow that started on the evening of Christmas Day. Boxing Day at our house was a winter wonderland:

How about you? Did you have a lovely Christmas? I hope so!


  1. Your house is so pretty with all the snow!! Ours has pretty much melted, except for the deck.

    LOVE that you have a UNC fan...go 'Heels!!!

    Don't you love how most dogs love to get in on the action?? Penny mostly wanted to stay under the couch, but Emma was in the middle of everything. :)

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed your Christmas. Your pictures are fun!


  3. So sweet! My kids are getting older too but now I have my sweet granddaughter so I can enjoy the little kid-ness for a lot longer. ;) Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday!

  4. WE had a wonderful time, looks like you all did too. Love the snow, it's grey and drizzling here today :( Still, a nice cozy day to stay home.

  5. This last snow was really pretty because it was wet and clung to the trees. But our streets were terrible when we went to church on Sunday. We only live a mile from the building but we slid and slid! Our temps are going up now, actually above freezing now. Oh, yes, we live in east Tenn., 15 miles from NC state line.

  6. I'm just wondering who roots for Wake...

  7. What a lovely family and a lovely Christmas! I like looking at all of the redheads in your family. So cute!

  8. We had a wonderful Christmas. We also got the Boxing Day snow. My oldest daughter, Catie, is waiting to hear from colleges too. She has been accepted to Wingate and Appalachian. She is still waiting to hear from UNC and Duke. Maybe Preston and Catie will be meet someday. Carla

  9. That looks like a wonderful Christmas! We had snow in Raleigh too. Oh, and go Duke! :) (Sorry, I could not resist.)

  10. It looks like y'all had a great Christmas! The kids do get older but they are still fun. Fun in a different way.

    Your home is beautiful. I am all about a shaker style home. It is gorgeous.

  11. Hi Richella! It looks like you all had just such a lovely time together and the benefit of the kiddos getting older is that they may actually sleep past 6am that morning! :-) My son got another big Lego set this year (they are taking over my house!)and it is good to see that even "big boys" still enjoy them!

  12. My younger brother is a Lego fanatic! He always buys my girls a set for their birthdays and Christmas.. :) I'll have to tell him about your son!

    Looks like you had a very very Merry Christmas!


  13. It looks like your family had a wonderful day together. Snow was such a nice Christmas surprise, wasn't it? Most of ours didn't arrive until Christmas night.

  14. Thanks for the reminder about remembering the times when our teens were little ones. It does fly by so quickly.
    Your home looks so pretty. The photo could be on a Christmas card!

  15. Your snowy house looks just like a postcard! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  16. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    My sister and her family live in Wake Forest, but they were here with us in GA for Christmas. They missed out on their White Christmas because we didn't get ANY snow at all here in south central GA, not even one snow flake!

    They returned to NC this morning, very early and said there is still plenty of snow on the ground for them to enjoy now that they're home :)

  17. We had a wonderful Christmas and it looks like you did too! Love all your boys hair! Your snow shots were beautiful! We traveled from South Carolina to Tennessee and got around 5 inches! We had a White Christmas! It was just perfect!

  18. I love your family pictures! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas...we did too with lots of surprises! :-)
    I have never seen your wall of crosses, I love that! and I might copy it. I think that would look great in our home.
    Well, Have a wonderful New Year!!
    Blessings my sweet friend,

  19. oh yes, christmas was lovely :) and i love your gift opening photos!! but mostly? i love the snow photos... and the snowon the wreath? oh so pretty :)


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