Thursday, December 2

Christmas vignettes

The lovely and gracious Rhoda is the host today as the Holiday Home party continues. Today the feature is Christmas vignettes.

I love creating vignettes--little patches of Christlight here and there throughout our home. A couple of my favorites are pretty much the same from year to year.

The chest in my foyer is a favorite spot for some festive decor--some magnolia leaves and a red sphere tealight holder bid a happy greeting to anyone who walks in the door. A bonus is that you can see the reflection of the lighted garland on the stairway banister.

This chest always features the wonderful antique choirboys I inherited from my mother. I love the way they spell "Noel." Of course, sometimes I find them re-arranged to spell "Leon," but that's because I have boys of my own.

My boys were all born in the springtime--in 1991, 1993, and 1997. Since my oldest son was just a few months old at Christmastime, and since he already had every toy imaginable, I decided to make his biggest Christmas gift that year a keepsake from his birth year. In 1991, Lenox introduced a series of plates called "Trees Around the World," so that's what I got him. I added the 1993 and 1997 plates for the other boys. Every year, I display their plates on the breakfront in my dining room. Don't they look pretty with the magnolia leaves around them?

Oops! Now that I've taken the photos, I see that the middle plate needs a few more magnolia leaves beside it.

This year, we've added a very special vignette to our Christmas decor. My youngest son, Lee, is a Lego fanatic. He reviews Legos on YouTube (check him out: LegoLee329). This fall, my husband bought Lee two Lego Christmas buildings. Lee built the sets and created a Christmasy scene for our kitchen table (Mom provided a cutting board covered with some white felt as the base for the scene).

Lee dug through his collection of Legos to find special supplements to the Christmas sets. I like the way he has children visiting Santa here beside the village Christmas tree:

And here, a patron is purchasing a tree from the Christmas tree lot. See how his tree is tied to the roof of his car? Believe me, no brick was left unturned in the creation of this scene.

Check out all the fun Christmas vignettes at Rhoda's party!


  1. Oh my goodness the Lego village is to die for! My husband would love that! As always, your home is decorated so beautifully :-)

  2. You always have such pretty vignettes, Richella. :) I love the Lego kitchen display! We had a Playmobil one of Santa's workshop, and sometimes we'd come home to find that my brother had rearranged it so that Santa was chasing an elf with a hatchet. :s

  3. I want a Lego Christmas Village! ~ it's truly spectacular! The plates are beautiful! All we have are baby's first Christmas ornaments.....nothing too fancy here!

  4. The plates are such a good idea, Richella and they are pretty, too! I like how you have them displayed. I wish I could get my hands on some magnolia trees but they are hard to find in the Midwest!! ;-D

    The Lego village is SO. My boys had what I thought, the biggest Lego collection ever. Even I loved to play with them {something to do with loving jigsaw puzzles, I think!}!

    Great vignettes!


  5. I *love* the Lego village. Great job, Lee! I remember "Leon" from last year...haha! I love all of your classic, pretty decorations.

  6. I loved every single bit of the post. First, your oak chest in your foyer is fabulous. It's such a pretty piece of furniture and you styled it perfectly for Christmas. Your choir boys remind me a bit of some kissing angels that Mama has used every year that I can remember. I had to chuckle when you wrote that your boys rearrange the Noel to Leon. Too cute! I love your Lenox plates and especially love that they represent the birth year of each son. And finally, Lee's Lego Christmas vignette is wonderful! He sure is creative!!

  7. I had to pop over and see the lego set :) I showed my son (he started a lego blog a bit ago, and now he's fascinated with your son's youtube!)

    Thank goodness for legos...that's all I gotta say :)

    Oh, and your vignettes are lovely too *wink*

  8. The LEON cracks me up! That is so funny! The Lenox is gorgeous, but I'm in love with the Lego Christmas scene. That Christmas tree is amazing! Very cool!

  9. My son and I just looked over your vingetee vingette or however you spell it, we both LOVE the legos and the white roofs and santa and trees! So creative, we are impressed!

    After seeing your son's video, I went and bought the lego advent calendar. Thank you so much!

  10. I love magnolia leaves! I use them every year. I planted a magnolia tree in my back yard after Mom passed away. She always said I need one so I can use the leaves at Christmas. I still miss her so much!!

  11. oh magnolia :)

    and leon angels...

    i love your special pieces and your remembrances :)

    and the legos!!! now you are pressuring me to some more shopping!!!

  12. Love the Lego village. So adorable. I use to play with Legos when I was a little girl.

  13. Richella, your vignettes are cute and love your dining room hutch. The leggo village is great. My nephew is addicted to those, too.

  14. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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