Sunday, July 4

July 4 thank you

Thank you, Mr. Jefferson:

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Click here to read the text of the Declaration . . . and feel your heart swell with gratitude.

Thank you to the Creator who endowed us with those "certain unalienable rights."

Thank you to the men and women who have sacrificed to protect the nation whose independence we celebrate today.

What a day to celebrate!


If you need a little something to keep the kiddos busy this afternoon, print this flag and have them color it.

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  1. thank you for posting this. happy fourth! love the printout:)

  2. Happy 4th Richella, I am English as you know but an American citizen too and proud of it :)

  3. Great minds think alike! :) I was reading the Declaration online last night and struck not only by Jefferson's writing, but how applicable it still is TODAY!!

    I tried to find something that gave the fate of all the men who signed, but I couldn't. :(

    Happy 4th, my friend. :) God Bless America!

  4. Hope you had a great 4th! God Bless America!


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