Friday, February 19

DIY toile candles

I love pretty candles, but I don't love paying for them.  So I decided to make my own!

Actually burning candles is a hard thing for me. I recently heard a TV designer say, "Candles are meant to be burned, not dusted." Oops. BUSTED. But honestly, candles are so expensive! I love candlelight, but I find myself reluctant to burn candles, because then I have to replace them.

Check out this toile candle, though. Isn't it pretty burning at night? 

I made these myself by decoupaging napkins onto plain $1 candles. Seriously--all it took was a couple of cheap candles, a pretty napkin, some Mod Podge, and a few minutes.

Click here to see exactly how I made these.

**Note:  When burning these candles, be sure to keep the wick trimmed very short.  You don't want the flame from the candle to reach the paper!  And never, ever leave a burning candle unattended.**

Now I can burn these all I want, and when I need new ones, I can just make some more! Thank you, Manuela, for the idea!


  1. Oh Richella, I am so longing for spring. But today is going to be 37 degrees and sunny which makes it a little more bearable at least. :) I love candles. I just love the mood it creates.

  2. I'm with ya there.....its been a long winter! Oh sweet sprin where art thou? Stopping by from SITS...

  3. Don't get me wrong, I love the snuggle season. And normally just the thought of turtle necks, fire places, and hot chocolate will put me in the mood for winter. But as it happens, I've been in the mood for the beach for the past month and a half. I don't know what it is...

  4. Hi Richella!

    Your candle looks just beautiful! Your home looks so warm and cozy.

    I'm a gardener at heart so I've enjoyed the winter we've had, but I'm ready for it to be over. Although I was told today that we may have a frost as late as the end of April (which is unheard of in Georgia). I think I'll start some seeds indoors!

  5. Well.....I have to admit that I like to hibernate, and it doesn't really take snow to make we want to stay inside. Rainy Mondays are wonderful for quiet thoughts, a good book, an old movie and a cozy sofa/rocker on which to snuggle or crochet. I've been wrestling with wanting to fluff and spruce here and there, but haven't had as much time as I want. So, I'm attempting to regroup and prioritize. (Homeschooling and 'stuff' going on here.) I think my inner man needs regrouping a bit more....

    I'm so glad you showed these photos of your pretty bedroom. I was wondering just this week if you had ever posted pictures of more personal rooms of your home. Every room of yours is lovely! And candles are always a good choice.

    Blessings ~

  6. I don't actually mind the snuggling's the snow that forces me to stay in my house with no hopes of escape that makes me depressed. But now that we're out and about again, I have been enjoying sitting with my book each night. :)

    Thanks for the linky love, my friend!

  7. Love the colors! I so wish I had room for a cozy chair or loveseat in my master bedroom. And candles ALWAYS are a fav. I love the soft glow and they make me look prettier. LOL

  8. Hi,
    Oh what a wonderful idea. I will steal this from you right away! I burn lots of candles around here, you are right they can cost a bit, but can be found for less at Ross, KMart, Target etc. That's where I buy mine. None of those $35 candles around here, no sir! I also always change my bedding and pillows and throws all around the house for the different seasons. It's fun and adds some interest to the room without costing much. Cozies up the place in the winter for sure!
    Spring is right around the corner,don't you worry! Have a great weekend.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  9. I am starting to get Cabin Fever a little but still enjoying the snuggling.

  10. Shut the front dorr...decopauging candles??? What a fantastic idea. I will definitley be stealing/borrowing/copying this one! Your home looks so inviting Richella. I would love to snuggle up on that cozy couch, and I know I'd feel right at home doing it to!



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