Tuesday, February 2

Fly away home

My screened-in porch was so pretty after the snowstorm this weekend. It faces the woods behind our house, which were beautiful in the snow, and it looked as if a giant confectioner had sprinkled powdered sugar on it.

But as I stood gazing out at the porch, something unusual caught my eye. Do you see it?

I'm not sure how this little visitor got inside, but by the time I noticed him, he was eager to leave. My heart broke for him as I watched him nervously flit from one surface

to another.

I stepped out onto the porch to open the door to freedom for him, but my presence really panicked him. He flew desperately from screen to screen. It was as if he were trapped in a giant cage. I finally propped the door open, then went back inside the house. I stood at the door watching him try to escape, imagining his frustration. He had wings! He could fly! But he couldn't get out of the trap. Finally I left, hoping that he would eventually discover the way out. The next morning he was gone, and I was so relieved that he had made his escape.

As I looked at the photos I had snapped of him, I couldn't help but think of how often I've felt trapped in situations--usually of my own making--desperate to get out, but unable to find the way. But there is always a way.

Jesus. Jesus is the way out. "I am the way, the truth, and the life," He says (John 14:6). And I've found that to be the truth.

Just like in the words of the old hymn--have you heard it?

Flee as a bird to your mountain,
Thou who art weary of sin,
Go to the clear flowing fountain
Where you may wash and be clean.
Fly, for the avenger is near thee,
Call, and the Savior will hear thee.
He on his bosom will bear thee,
Oh, thou who art weary of sin.

He will protect thee forever,
Wipe every falling tear;
He will forsake thee, oh never--
Sheltered so tenderly there.
Haste then! The hours are flying--
Spend not the moments in sighing.
Cease from your sorrow and crying:
The Savior will wipe every tear.

--Mary S. B. Dana


  1. beautiful story, song, and pictures!


  2. Lovely post!
    can't help but think 'His eye is on the sparrow' too! ;)

  3. I'm so glad the bird managed to escape, it must be terrifying for them.

    I haven't heard that hymn before, but they're lovely lyrics.

    Visiting from SITS, hope you're enjoying your week.

  4. Your porch looks so cozy ... even dusted with snow!

    We get little birds in our screened porch from time to time and I often wonder how they get in.

    A great analogy, friend!

  5. so beautiful!!!
    many blessings

  6. Well told. :) My hubby informed me the best way to get a bird out of someplace (in our case the garage last week) is to, while it is dark, have a light on the other side of the exit and they will fly towrds it. Mmh, they will fly out of the dark towards the light. Birds are good for analagies I think.

  7. awww, sweet little bird, and a beautiful post Richella. Blessins to you today my friend, and thank you for your continued prayer for Mam.

  8. Great pictures!! You are so good at object lessons. :)

  9. Beautiful story. He is always there. Always. I'm glad the little birdie got out.

  10. Sweet little bird...what a surprise to go along with the beauty of the landscape, yet...it was like a little love note from above.

  11. that is the sweetest little birdie! thanks for the uplifting post...
    God Bless,


  12. Beautiful pictures and beautiful thoughts! I am so grateful Jesus is our way out!

  13. How appropriate that it's a Carolina Wren! I'm such a bird nerd.

    I love this post. It's the second one today that I've read about Jesus being our Hope. Thanks for the reminder that He is truly our way out.

  14. Thanks for a very encouraging word. I have a bird house in my back yard and I put it over 11 years ago, there has always a bird family in that house year after year. Those have been some tough years for me. I know that if His eye is on these sparrows how he must be watching over me as well, as the song says. Seeing life springing forth is such a sweet visual of the new life He brings into our lives with His encouragement and love and His redemption.


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