Monday, January 25

Rainy days and Mondays

"Ugghhh. . . it's raining again!"

Those words were out of my mouth this morning even before "Good morning" or "Our Father who art in heaven."

I'm ashamed of the fact, but I think I have become whiny. I hate whining. Why am I doing it?

When my oldest son was 10 weeks old, my husband and I moved from Nashville, Tennessee to Hillsdale, Michigan. Michigan. As in THE NORTH. We had never lived above the Mason-Dixon line before that. And mostly we loved it there. Michigan is breathtakingly beautiful in the summertime, and the autumns are spectacular. But the winters. Oh, my.

We lived in Michigan for seven years. I still remember the shock I felt after my youngest son was born on March 29, which fell on Easter weekend that year. We went home from the hospital on the day after Easter, but before we left the nurse came in to give me instructions on caring for a winter baby. Not kidding.

My boys remember the Michigan winters with great fondness. They loved sledding and making snow angels. They don't remember what it was like to try to fasten a preschooler in snow gear into a carseat. But I do. And I remember the snow plows and the salt trucks and the rust on my car and the dry indoor air and the high heating bills and the grey, grey days. All memories which you would think would give me perspective on the occasional bad weather we have here in North Carolina. Wouldn't you think?

But no. I am now whining because it has rained a lot lately. Please.

Well, I know what I need to do. I've already done part of it. Look what I found on sale at the grocery store:

Beautiful spring plants, already forced into bloom. The floral department had done all the hard work; all I had to do was arrange them on the coffee table.

I need to stop and smell the hyacinths and remember that spring will be here before long. And while I'm waiting, I need a dose of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I re-read the Little House books every so often, and it's time to pull them out again. A little while spent with my nose in The Long Winter ought to fix me.

How's your winter going?


  1. it is raining here, too... and after a couple of days of rain, i wonder how i ever made it up in the gray massachusetts winters. but i did. now when i think of winter up there my memories only dream up the bright blue crisp days... guess that is me, huh? looking at the bright side? i love your hyacinth... and i hope its lovely lavender-blue and green will make you smile. and i know that if it doesn't, surely laura will...

  2. I love your gorgeous finials, they are just wonderful and the hyacinths are just the perfect spring pick me up. We have had rain too and now it is just cold and dreary. I am ready for the sunshine. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your paragraph about you winter memories is my reality right now. ugh! We live in Nevada, right down the hill from Lake Tahoe. We have broke a lot of records this season. The week in December that we had -17 with 14 inches of snow(ice) already on the ground turned me into a complainer--unfortunately. I'm a transplant from California, and would love a winter with just rain sigh! We can't plant outside until June, but I might have to find me an indoor bulb to help bring a little Spring inside. Your hyacinth is lovely, wish I could smell it. I've got a little one in my lap right now and can't wait to start the Little House series again in a few years. Never thought to read them myself. Thanks for the idea. Have a blessed week.

  4. Northern Illinois here. Close enough to be as dreary as Michigan and more snow predicted later today. I have a definite case of cabin fever for sure!

  5. I feel guilty saying we hardly have winter here in Austin! Last week it was mid 70's for a few days, although we did have a cold spell before that, only getting in to the 40's. But I know it's short lived here.
    Your finds at the store are so pretty and the hyacinths, oh I bet they smell beautiful. Sounds like you will have a lovely cozy day with your books too :-)

  6. Your oldest must have been born in 91- mt little brother was born on good friday on the 27th. ;) I remember thinking my mom was crazy bringing him to church on Easter!

  7. Hang in there!!! Spring will come;)

  8. Fresh flowers do wonders for my mood! I think I need some.

  9. Haha...the weather won't make its mind up here in VA. Frigid one day, 48 here the next. I keep having to adjust the carseats to make room for puffy winter coats or lighter jackets. :s

    Love the Hyacinths. The Litte House books were some of my favorites growing up. I loved reading about Laura and Mary's adventures. :)

  10. Richella,
    I am guilty too! I am so sick of this cold weather. It's snowing outside right now and the temps are going to drop into the low 20's tonight. Our heating bill is atrocious! (How do you spell that word!) :)
    I usually like one good snowfall around Christmas and then I am ready for Spring!
    Hang in there.

  11. It's snowing here. All of our snow finally melted away, but I think we're in for another round. That's January for you in north central Indiana. :) I'm lighting candles today....partly to get rid of the smell of yesterday's fried lunch as well as just to make things seem cheery and homey. That hyacinth looks wonderful! I love those! Reading by a roaring fire sounds like another good idea for cheering up a dreary day. Blessings ~

  12. Today's weather is just glorious!!! I love the clean air, crisp clouds, and clear blue skies!!! It poured all night, and was dreary and cold all weekend, but today was just splendid!!! But I know what you mean about winter... Because of the altitude, Colorado has veeerrrryyyyy long winters. We lived there 9 years. Everything was brown and bare at Easter. Spring didn't come till April or May. I was driving around today and was thinking that we really only have a month or so and Spring will be here! I LOVE North Carolina! Blessings!!!

  13. Rain in VA too today. Pouring rain. Then, sunshine!! The good comes with the bad. I spent a week one day in the U.P. of Michigan visiting some friends..We lived in CO and my kids made ice couches in the yard. Funny part was that they sat on them...
    Best to you from Mary Lou

  14. Hyacinths are one of my favorite smells in the world!
    Turned out to be a pretty afternoon, after all ;)


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