Thursday, January 21

It's not easy seein' green

I know. A pun is the lowest form of humor. But I'm a Kermit girl from way back, so I couldn't resist.

Almost every year about this time, I feel a little blue. And I think it's because, even here in the sunny South, everything is grey. Cold, wet grey. It's as if I want to feed on a crisp salad and instead I get a bowl of porridge.

I miss the Christmas tree and all the hall-decking holly. Green is my favorite color any time of year, and right now I feel deprived of it. But I had to go to Lowe's this week to pick up a couple of things, and they had lots of wonderful house plants priced $2.98 to $9.98. Hello again, green!

In the foyer where not long ago sat a bank of poinsettias:

In the corner of the living room that seemed empty without the Christmas tree:

In my favorite snuggle spot in the master bedroom:

Here's a tip: plants love any kind of light, not just sunlight. If you don't have a sunny spot for a houseplant, try tucking one under a lamp. Turn on the lamp each morning and voila! Instant spirit-lifting!

Aside from my love for green, I think I like plants so much because there are just so many life lessons tucked into them. For instance, look at this old houseplant of mine which was languishing for want of water:

And just a couple of hours later:

Deprived of nourishment, the plant appears dull and lifeless. But with just a little of what it needs, it radiates life and beauty.

Just like us.

Blessed is the man. . .
whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
and in His law he meditates day and night.
He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,
that brings forth its fruit in its season,
whose leaf also shall not wither,
and whatever he does shall prosper.

Psalm 1:1-3

What have you done today to nourish your soul?


  1. I came over here from NewEveryAM (my daughter) & love your blog! I just recently went to Home Depot & came home w/2 new plants & feel like you do about them brightening up the dull winter months.
    I noticed that you like Lorena's books & I just read her Ivy Malone series. Hoping there were more, I emailed her & she actually answered my email! I was really surprised!
    I also liked the comparison you made to enriching our souls, because for some reason I think after Christmas can be a dry time. I'm in preparation now to start a Bible study 2/1 using the book, Being a Mary in a Martha World. I'm really excited about it, & though most of the gals are in our SS class, 1 who is coming is someone I met through blogging! We had a bloggers' dinner in Durham in early Nov. & I met her there, & since I live near the Durham/Wake Co. line, she doesn't live too far.
    I look forward to coming back to your blog often!

  2. The green does enrich our soul. I bought a Christmas cactus. I love the way you arranged things in the corner where the Christmas tree used to live.
    It never ceases to amaze me how our plants perk up after a little water. Your blog is fun.

  3. I have a plant just like that that needs watering and lets you know it! Hey it WOULD be fun to come and help each other X the dirt away...what a great idea! come on over! ;-)


  4. ohh i wish i was a plant kind of girl... my mom always had tons of pretty plants all around our home growing up. but me? i can't seem to keep one alive. good thing i do better with my kids :) but i am glad your could brighten you life with a few pretty plants!

  5. I cannot for the life of me keep a houseplant alive... seriously! My poinsettia from my friend at Christmas is slowing fading :( I love the plants you just got, all the ones I have are silk! perhaps I should go to Lowes and treat myself to a little fresh guy and see how it goes? Have a blessed day Richella, I love your posts :)
    Hugs Denise

  6. Good word today! I love green, too. Good for you for bringing the life indoors. Living in Colorado, the toughest thing was that spring didn't start until April or May. I love our short winter here! I started a new Bible study last week: Anointed, Tranformed, Redeemed from the Deeper Still conference. Yesterday I marinated in it for almost 2 hours... today I popped out of bed 1/2 an hour early and ran to get back at it. Very nourishing for my soul! Blessings!!!

  7. Living in Oregon, oh how I know that gray weather. I decorate a lot with reds, yellows, and greens to help chase the gray away.

    I could never paint my interior walls gray, but if I still lived in Souther California I'd love gray walls!

    You are so right about plants. They are a touch of life as we wait for spring.

  8. So glad to see you 'back' regularly. I miss you when you're 'gone.' :) Thank you for the nourishment post. It was just what I needed to hear. Feeling tired, a little overwhelmed, etc. Need to get some refreshment. Think now is a good time..... Blessings ~ Kristi

  9. Wonderful words!! :) I started a new Bible study this week: "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter. It's been waaaaaaay too long since I joined a Bible study, and I am not loving getting up even earlier in the morning...but I am loving the way I feel after my soul is refreshed. :)

    My MIL gave me a tiny pot of primroses, and they brighten our Living room so much!

    Thanks for the visit today. :)

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  11. We also have plants in every possible room in the house...although some just don't get enough day light. They clean our air for us and I think that they are relaxing to look at. Easy on the eyes.

  12. Green is my favourite colour! And I have been thinking of getting a plant. I really want something on the kitchen table, but I'm not sure what to get. Our sitting room is very brown, too, and could do with brightening up. I must investigate tomorrow, thanks for inspiring me on many levels today.

  13. I just found out that I won the giveaway from DIY Day. Thank you. I was very happy to be introduced to your blog.I love houseplants, but tend to neglect them. One day I was watering my one and only plant, and my son exclaimed, "That plant's real! I've never seen you water it before."


  14. Too bad I didn't inherit my mom's green thumb...I, unfortunately have a black one! I love all the beautiful touches of green around your home. And I LOVED the message in this always. You have such a gift with words, my friend.

    Love you

  15. LOL I have that plant too! It always has to cry out that it needs water here too. But I have had the same one for years and it still is looking great (after I have watered it).

  16. Great post full of wisdom :) Yep, I also have that same type of peace lily plant that looks the same when I forget to water how it perks right back up!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    (Treasure the Moment)

  17. Richella, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my dressing room. I am thrilled with it, and especially glad that so many wonderful people have stopped by to see it! I can't wait to read through your blog, it's nice to 'meet' you!


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