Tuesday, November 17

An early Christmas gift

I'll bet most of us have started our Christmas shopping. Perhaps some of you--definitely not I!--have even finished shopping. And we're busily working on lists and plans, all in anticipation of that glorious day just 38 days from now.

This weekend, I got an early Christmas gift. One that's changing the way I look at this Christmas. My husband, our youngest son, and I went to see Disney's new version of A Christmas Carol.

Friends, you need to go see this movie. It may be the best adaptation of Dickens' story that I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of them.

But this time, as I watched poor old grouchy Ebenezer journey through his past, present, and future, I found myself in the story. It's so easy to dismiss the idea that I could ever be like Scooge--I would never wish away Christmas with a "Bah! Humbug!" And yet, as I watched the movie this time, I realized that sometimes my attitude does hold some of Scrooge's self-centeredness. Sometimes I do find myself wanting simply to protect what is rightfully mine. It may not be gold that I hoard. Instead, I may cling to the fact that I'm right (I know I'm right!) in an argument. Or I hold steadfast to an idea or ideal that would better be left behind.

The Scrooge pictured at the beginning of the movie is utterly and completely alone. He has clung to the only things that matter to him, and he is loved by no one. I found myself there, too, as I realized how isolated I can become from holding too closely to things that matter to no one but me.

The message of the movie is clear, though: it's not too late. Even the iciest of hearts can melt. And though of course I knew that's how the story was going to end, I was even more excited to witness the transformation than I'd ever been before. Oh, to see the worry and frown lines melt away from Ebenezer's face. Or Richella's face. A Christmas gift, for sure.

God bless us, every one.

--Gratefully unwrapped with Emily at Chatting at the Sky


  1. Thanks for sharing...I simply cannot imagine you being ungracious, but it is a struggle we all face. Holding on to things we shouldn't....a universal problem. Thankfully, God shows us gently and reminds us of HIS grace!

  2. oh... i had no desire to see that movie... except, now maybe i will :)

  3. Thank you for the gentle reminder to examine our hearts. To let go of that which does not matter.
    have a blessed Day!

  4. Doesn't it have Jim Carrey in it, so not a fan.
    But I take your advice to heart... and of course can use that kind of healing.

  5. I think we all have a bit of the Scrooge in us from time to time. Good to remember the point of it all. I'll plan to see the new movie, but I can tell you right now, nothing will ever replace my favorite version, which is, of course, the Muppets Christmas Carol. If you haven't seen it, well, you should. :)

  6. The Christmas Carol is one of my favorite stories.

  7. I NOW want to go see it! It's so wonderful that Christ has taken all our sin and we CAN let go of our old self!!

  8. "I realized how isolated I can become from holding too closely to things that matter to no one but me."

    Ouch. That hit close to home, but I needed the reminder. Thanks Richella.

  9. Wow how amazing. You reall made me look at myself with this post. The movie sounds awesome I was interested in seeing it but now I want to even more.

  10. Can't wait to see the movie. Thank you for opening up about it today!

  11. I wanted to see this movie...now I REALLY want to see it! And, by the way, you are the LAST person on the planet I would ever compare to Ebenezer Scrooge!

    Love you

  12. I wasn't really looking forward to this movie...I figure we've all seen that story done a million different ways. But my kiddos want to go, and now I do too!

    i've never really identified with scrooge (duh...that's probably one of the points), so now I have a new perspective with which to view this story this year...

    thanks! (and my kids thank you too...)

  13. I SO want to see this movie, I might have to go on my own, but that's ok. I don't want to have to wait til next year to see it on dvd. This was a lovely post too Richella
    Hugs Denise

  14. awesome. I really want to see this movie too. :)

  15. What a powerful lesson to learn and remember... it's not too late! I want to see this movie too! :)

  16. It is so nice to meet you. Your blog is simply amazing! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog today and for your prayers. How is your son doing? Many blessings to you!


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