Monday, November 16

DIY Day: Christmas trays

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It's DIY Day at Kimba's!

This week I'm working on getting a head start on Christmas decorating. I keep my Thanksgiving decorations up through Thanksgiving Day, and always before I've waited until after Thanksgiving to work on any Christmas decor. This year, though, I'll wait 'til after Thanksgiving to put anything Christmasy on display. . . but I'm as busy as an elf getting things ready.

Recently I found a stack of unusual trays at Goodwill. Eight trays, all just like this one:

This is printed on the back of the trays.

I'm guessing they're from the 1940's or '50's. I can just imagine these being all the rage for the homemaker who wanted to serve the latest in TV dinners to her family. Since that's not a pressing need of mine, I decided to see what I could do with my trays. I paid $2.00 for all eight trays, so I figured I had very little to lose by experimenting.

Here's one onto which I mod-podged Christmas tissue paper.

This one I spray-painted apple green, then stencilled a Christmas ornament in the corner. I have a friend who likes to decorate for Christmas with apple green and bright red, so this might find its way to her house.

These I'm calling B & W, the damask twins. I used three panels from a border stencil to make these.

And this one might be my favorite. You can imagine how long I hesitated at Hobby Lobby before purchasing this wrapping paper. I mean, really--does it get any better than houndstooth?? I spray-painted this tray red and then mod-podged a bit of my precious houndstooth wrapping paper just to the center panel.

What do you think? I think I like them! And I have three more that I can play with.

Do you have a thrift store treasure that's languishing in your basement? Pull it out and see if you can create something fun!

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  1. These are awesome! And so simple! I love that red houndstooth paper.

  2. Eeek!! Cute cute cute. :) I love the one with the ornament best, but the last one is sweet too. This is a neat gift idea. Visiting tonight from Kimba's party. :)

  3. oooh! I love the last one best! What a great deal on trays.

  4. adorable! The houndstooth is the best, definitely!

  5. The damask "twins" are my fave, but they are all wonderful!

  6. Richella those turned out great! You are very crafty, I'm trying....
    I'm working on some Christmas stuff too and if it looks good I'll blog about it:)
    I also went back to some of your other posts and I love your house pictures!!

  7. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

    They are all so cute...but I am swooning over the damask twins and that red houdstooth!

    You did a fabulous job.


  8. I saw those exact same trays at our local Goodwill and stood and pondered for a while what I could do with them...but didn't come up with anything, so I didn't get them. But good for you on your creativity! So cute!

  9. those are adorable! so cute! i love houndstooth...i had that same red & white houndstooth wrapping paper last year, i love it! i think i found mine at hallmark.

  10. They are all so cute! I really like the B & W twins! :)

  11. they look very lovely. The black and white ones are my favorite.
    What are you going to use them for?

  12. They are wonderful. What a great deal too.

  13. love the cute trays!! I especially love the Black and White ones !!!!- So very cute!!!

  14. Those trays are absolutely BEEEAUTIFUL!

  15. @Cheap Chic Home. My favorites are the damask twins! Nice job.

  16. I love what you've done with these! Can you believe I've never tried to Mod Podge anything? I'll have to get some on my next trip to the craft store.

  17. Very cute-Great job--I have a party every week- Its So Very Creative (mondays)--would love to have you be an inspiration to other gals.

    A new follower


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