Tuesday, October 13

Growing, growing. . .


Sixteen years ago this summer I gave birth to the cutest little boy you'd ever want to see. Red hair, blue eyes, charming smile--be still, my heart. Here's a picture of him from his second birthday.

Over this long holiday weekend, he and his dad went on a trip. A college scouting trip. They toured three college campuses in Virginia, beginning the process of discerning what college might be a good match for this sweet little son of mine.

Except now he's not so little.

One of the college towns they visited had a Birkenstock store. So my college-bound boy came home with these:

Have you ever seen such enormous shoes? Perhaps it's hard to tell from the photo just how big they are. Here's another photo with a reference point:

Oh, yes. His shoes really are that big. European Size 48. I didn't know they made a Size 48.

Less than two years now and this boy of mine will be gone, just like his older brother. He'll be out walking around in his Size 48 shoes.

And I am reminded of something I heard a wise person say: The days may be long, but the years are short.

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  1. *sniff* This made me all teary-eyed. It does go by fast, doesn't it. My oldest is turning 16 on Friday. Where DOES the time go?

  2. i have learned to look at that big picture... knowing that a day may seem endless, but the years seem to fly by faster than i can catch them.
    those shoes... my sons feet grew two inches this summer (and the rest of him has been catching up since july!) and so i might just be headed towards those size 48 shoes :)
    happy tuesday richella. it meant so much to me that you checked in on me last week!

  3. I thought of doing a similar post, though my children aren't that old. Our middle child just turned 5 on Wed and it was such a surreal moment. I'd been through it before, with our oldest, but time keeps going faster and faster and I want to just hang on and dig in my feet. I can't imagine when my girls all turn 16.

  4. "The days may be long, but the years are short." No truer words ever spoken. Don't you wish we could go back and just visit them as they were every now and then. Not stay, because these are the good ol' days, too!

  5. Hard to believe that they really DO grow up!! I guess we should prepare our hearts now. I LOVE the quote you used today. Perfect!!

  6. I love the quote. No truer words have ever been spoken. My oldest DD is getting ready to scout colleges too and it is really pulling at my heart strings :o(

    About the shoes, I guess he needs big feet to hold up that tall body, lol. I were a European 39 or 40 depending on the style. I thought my shoes looked like boats, lol.

  7. That quote is so incredibly true. We're not to sixteen yet, but pushing seven is traumatizing enough!

  8. Happy Birthing Day to you too!
    Those feet must come with a good appetite.
    My 20 year old son was home for Thanksgiving, and I just kept staring at his stubble and the way he sits watching sports like his father... and I can't get over it.

  9. I found my eyes welling every time I dropped my second-grader off at school last week. Thought it might be PMS, but I don't know...feels more like nostalgia setting in already!

  10. "These days may be long, but the years are short." Oh, that's wonderful. I will treasure it during what seem like long long days with my preschoolers because I can't imagine a time when they will fit into size 48s!

  11. oh my gosh -- I can't believe the size of that shoe. My boys will never grow up to be that big. ;) (and when they do, I'm calling you for advice!!!)


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