Tuesday, June 2

The rest of the porch story

Yesterday I wrote about my front porch, a favorite spot of mine. But there's one little thing on my porch that I didn't show you.

I did show you what I see if I'm sitting on the loveseat looking into the yard.

I didn't show you what I see if I look the other way. Here it is:

See that mess at the top of one of the columns? Here, a closer look:

It's a nest. An empty nest, now. A tiny bird (a wren, I think) found our porch to be inviting and comforting, just like I want people to think about it. And so she chose it as a place to have her babies, to raise her family.

We all know how cool birds' nests can look if we display them properly. And that little wren has no use for her nest any more--her little ones have long since flown away. So why can't I take that nest down and put it in an arrangement or under a cloche or something?

I just can't. I just can't bring myself to disturb that empty nest.

This Friday, my oldest son will graduate from high school. It seems like such a short time ago that he was my curly-haired baby. Friday he will walk across the stage and collect the evidence that he has, in fact, earned the right to fly on his own. Here he is between his two brothers. You can see that he's grown up.

Soon he'll go away to college. He's gone away before. Last summer he spent six weeks away from home on a mission trip. The summer before that he went away to a college summer program. I know what it's like to have his place empty. But this time it's different. This time it's for real.

And maybe I can't take that nest down because, down deep in my heart, I want those baby birds to come back and perch there for just a bit. I know that they can't live in the old nest. The nest doesn't fit them any more. And I'm glad that they're grown up and free and able to fly. Still, every once in a while, I want them to fly home.

And the nest will be here, waiting.

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  1. hmmm... your heart must be so full. of love... of tender memories... and bittersweetness... all rolled up in one. sounds like you have prepared him for this moment though. i hope that enjoy the moment when he walks across the stage, and the celebrations that will surely follow!

  2. You made me cry. I, too, have birds that are getting ready to fly and there's so many emotions going on in my heart.

  3. what wonderful love-filled words. bring kleenex, and then sit on that porch and stare at the star filled dark night and be filled with grace too.

  4. And you, lucky girl, you've got that beautiful front porch with the comfy furniture! I would kill for that space. :) Thanks for stalking me all this time, I'm so glad you did. And really, that patio project was a very easy one (just labor intensive). Anyone can do it, I copied a friend that had done it & then we accomplished it too & were so happy to have it finished last year.

    Sweet birdie story too, lots of good thoughts!

  5. Oh man...all these posts today are making me weep for some reason...but this in particular in even thinking about my boys being old enough to leave the nest! It's hard enough for me to see them approach the street without reaching out to hold their hand! OY VEY!

  6. Oh my gosh, what a LOVE STORY! You write beautifully... I agree with you - I think that I would become far too attached to the nest on the front porch also and let's not even talk about the tears that will flow when my oldest son leaves our nest. I flat out refuse to think of such a thing!


  7. Wow...that front porch furniture is to die for. I also scrolled down to see that you put a lamp on your porch, how charming is that?

  8. I too love Rhoda's blog, Southern Hospitality. Thanks for visiting my blog. I loved the empty nest story. It brought tears to my eyes. Your sons are so adorable and I love that red hair!! I am like you, although I want my girls to be independent and out on their own, our house is always open and welcoming them back whenever they want to be here with us!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Love & blessings to my new blogger friend who is also in NC!!!


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