Thursday, June 18

More candles

I love lamplight and lamps, just like I talked about here. I also like candlelight and candleholders, and I love to use candles all over my house.

Like these candle lanterns on my screened porch

and these candles on a chest of drawers in my upstairs hall.

And see that ball in the stone basin? I also really like decorative balls, or spheres, or whatever you call them. Here are some that I have in a bowl on the sofa table in my living room.

Like so many of you, I like trying new looks by using things I already have on hand. So I was wondering: what if I combined some of my candleholders with some of my spheres/balls (what do you call those things?)?

What do you think? Does it work for something different?


  1. I call them decorative balls. :)

    I like them combined with the candleholders. I love candles too. I used to be a Partylite consultant so I have tons of candles and holders.

  2. You inspired me to post about two of my newbie additions. Check out my blog and I hope you don't mind I linked back to you. :)

  3. I think it is a nice switch up and I really like that you mixed up the textures and colors for added interest!

  4. It's just o.k. for me but I l.o.v.e. those ball/thingies and they are fun to decorate with..;p

  5. I like the balls on the candleholders, but I love them in the bowl all together...just eyecandy for me ;o)

  6. They are all great, and we have been calling them decorative "orbs" to keep the computer from censoring our comments ;^)
    You are too cute!!


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