One of my greatest joys is speaking!

I've spoken to groups ranging in size from 25 to 2500.  As a member of the Renovaré Ministry Team, my greatest passion is speaking about Christian spiritual formation.  I am available to do platform speaking, to speak at retreats, to lead workshops, and to preach in worship services.

My speaking experience includes these venues:
  • Renovaré regional and local conferences
  • Renovaré Prayer Retreat
  • Apprentice National Gathering
  • United Methodist pastors' retreat
  • Church of the Brethren Annual Conference

"Richella was a keynote speaker at a weekend prayer conference for which I served as director. With a soft spoken graciousness, Richella delivers her powerful message with clarity, compassion, and love.  She bravely speaks of struggles in her own life and her strong faith that provides support through the difficult times.  All of this she does with a confidence that is infectious and leads those who hear her to feel that movement of Spirit in their own lives. 

 She is at the top of my list for presenters who are engaged with the audience and present their authentic selves."

                                                                                         --Regina Strader Hunt, Spiritual Director

If you'd like to hear a sample of my speaking,

click here to listen to a lesson on Mary and Martha
click here to listen to a lesson on hearing God in prayer
click here to listen to a podcast about stopping comparison in its tracks
click here to listen to an Advent podcast about waiting

If you'd like to contact me regarding your need for a speaker, please email me at richellap@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Richella,
    I just want you to know how much I truly enjoy your blog, It is one of the first blogs I've found and one of the few that have stuck in my heart and memory.
    It is truly Beautiful and we Hope to get ours as Beautiful as yours as well as being inspirational.
    We are new to Blogging we are doing it mainly to share The Love of The Lord and the knowledge that The Lord has given us throughout the years of dealing with a lot of health issues in our family and things that The Lord has had us use to help as well as sharing Ideas, Revelations, Recipes, Diys and More.
    I would appreciate it Greatly if you would check out our blog, we are new and Im still learning how to get everything set up and add gadgets one thing i really want to learn is how to add a newsletter but it will come with time All by the Grace of God! All for The Glory of God!



    our email is Healthytempletidbits@gmail.com as one wonderful blogger messaged us and let us know we are a "Noreply blogger" and I have still yet to learn how to change that.
    Thank you for your time and sharing our Lord.
    God Bless you sister
    In Christ,


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