Thursday, October 27

Grace at Home No. 485

Hello, friends. How glad I am to greet you today. 

You might have noticed that I've been absent from these parts over the past couple of weeks.

If you can read the dates on these name tags, you'll know why I was absent. The first is dated October 9; the second, October 22. These are my visitor badges from the day my husband was admitted to the hospital and the day he was discharged. One day short of two weeks at Duke Hospital.

Some of you know that he was hospitalized back in September. This hospitalization was related to that same incident—only the situation was much worse. I'll spare you the details, but I want to say one thing: this might have ended very differently. If not for the grace of God, I would have lost my husband. 

These past few weeks have been really difficult, but the times when God protected and sustained Jack's life have been startlingly clear. I can't tell you how many times I've shuddered while thinking "What if we had. . . ?" I had to turn that thought onto its head and say, "Thank God" instead.

Friends, I can't explain to you how God works, but I can tell you with certainty that God DOES work. Our lives are full of tiny happenings that may seem insignificant to us—but taken together, they demonstrate the work of God. My friend Dallas Willard used to say "The hand of God is best seen in the rear-view mirror." Isn't that right? And once we catch a glimpse, how can we respond? For me the answer is found in the refrain of an old hymn:

Oh Savior, my Redeemer,
What can I but adore
And magnify and praise thee
And love thee evermore. (Frances R. Havergal)

I believe that God continually displays his love for all of us, which is why I am privileged to host the Grace at Home party, where we celebrate all the ways we make our homes and spheres of influence places of grace and beauty. It's my custom to feature posts from the previous week's party, but today I don't have any features to share. I'm sorry about that, but I'm so glad to welcome you today!

Here at the Grace at Home party, you can link up any post you've written that demonstrates how you're filling your space with truth, goodness, and beauty. I invite you to link posts about
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Whatever you do to make your home or sphere of influence a place of grace, I'd like to hear about it. Here's what I ask of you.  Please include the permalink to your post, not your blog's home page. Please let people know that you've linked up.  No more than three posts per person, please.  Note that if you link a post here, you are giving me permission to share your post, including a photo.  And visit at least one of the other party participants--that's what really makes it a party!

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  1. Richella, I praise the Lord for His amazing grace in the life of your husband. I pray that he will regain his strength and health.

  2. Oh Richella. I'm so sorry your family has been going through such a trial. But I am so glad your husband is improving and God's grace has been evident in all that has gone on. I like that thought that "The hand of God is best seen in the rear-view mirror." That's so true. It's often not in the midst of a situation, but in looking back, where we see how God has led and provided. Thank you for providing this bright spot in the Internet to share God's grace and beauty.

  3. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I've noticed you haven't posted in awhile and was waiting for some kind of update. Sending prayers for a full recovery!

  4. Richella, what a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness! I'm so glad things have turned out the way they have. Praying for you this morning and for your husband's continued recovery.

  5. Richella I noticed your absence and you have been on my mind. I'm so glad to hear your husband is doing better and praying for a speedy recovery!

  6. Praying your husband has a complete recovery. PTL for His mercies.

  7. Praising God for His grace and goodness to you and Jack and the family! Praying for continued healing! Thanks for hosting this gracious party, Richella!

  8. Thoughts and prayers Richella. I am glad to hear he's moving in the right direction. Stay well. XO- MaryJo

  9. Praising God for His mercy on your family and continued healing!

  10. Richella, I'm so glad to see that your husband is making good progress. Interesting about Dallas Willard. He is a cousin of my husband's Mother and she grew up helping to care for him as a baby and toddler. I've read a few of his books and they certainly require real contemplation. Thanks for sharing your testimony and this post. Blessings. Debra

  11. I noticed the link party missing a couple of times and was worried that it might be your husband again. So glad to hear that things are going better!

  12. Richella, I did miss you, and I am certainly joining your choir of praise for you and your dear husband. I 100% believe God sustains us, as I had an issue of my own which resolved in the past couple weeks that I am so grateful for. May your husband's recuperation continue toward wholeness.

  13. I'm so glad it was a good outcome Richella!
    Praise God!
    blessings, Jennifer

  14. Richella,
    I am so sorry to hear about your husband's illness...Sending prayers for his continued recovery....
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  15. So glad to hear your husband is back home and doing better—praying for a quick recovery and return to health for him!

  16. I left the comment above, but forgot to include my name! Prayers for a return to good health for your husband!

  17. So happy he is on the road to recovery, Richella!

  18. This is really great news. I am so happy to know that he is doing much better. Thank you for hosting. Have a wonderful weekend.


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