Thursday, October 21

Grace at Home No. 443

Hello, friends! I am writing this on a crisp October day, grateful that even here in North Carolina the weather is finally starting to feel seasonally appropriate. I know my friends up North may scratch their heads at this, but around here the summer weather drags on and on. I'm glad to be able to wear a sweater! What's it like in your neck of the woods?

I'm also glad to welcome you to the Grace at Home party, where we celebrate all the ways we make our homes and spheres of influence places of grace and beauty. Here are some features from last week's party.

Want some fun Halloween decorations but also want to keep things in the neutral color zone?  Angela from Simply Beautiful by Angela has some great tips for you.

Is there a dated feature in your home you'd like to change, but you can't afford to tear it out and start over? Christin from My Homier Home shares her step-by-step process for updating her fireplace surround—with spray paint!

Want to be hospitable but not sure where to start? Jenn from The Everyday Farmhouse can help you—I love her unique take on making your home welcoming.

Planning a Halloween gathering? Carol from BlueSky at Home shares a complete tutorial for making DIY place cards. Her ideas could easily be adapted for other holidays, too.

Cooler weather makes me long for warm, filling foods, but these days I'm trying to not to go overboard with eating too much gluten and sugar. If you're like me, you'll be glad to see this recipe for Almond Flour Pancakes from Julie at Julie's Creative Lifestyle.

If you like to read books and support authors (as an author, I surely appreciate that!) but you can't afford to purchase every book, what can you do? Barbara at Stray Thoughts has some great ideas.

Are you in the midst some work that feels unduly hard, even horrible? The wise and encouraging Michele Morin from Living Our Days shares some valuable words to help you persevere. 

Thank you to everyone who linked up!

Now for today's party.  Here at the Grace at Home party, you can link up any post you've written that demonstrates how you're filling your space with truth, goodness, and beauty. I invite you to link posts about
  • DIY projects
  • decorating
  • recipes
  • hospitality
  • homemaking tips
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • faith
  • self-care
  • soul care
Whatever you do to make your home or sphere of influence a place of grace, I'd like to hear about it. Here's what I ask of you.  Please include the permalink to your post, not your blog's home page.  Please let people know that you've linked up.  No more than three posts per person, please.  Note that if you link a post here, you are giving me permission to share your post, including a photo.  And visit at least one of the other party participants--that's what really makes it a party!

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  1. We're in TN with weather similar to yours. I've just started wearing sweaters this week. Thanks for featuring my post about supporting authors!

  2. Sounds like we're all having the same weather! Here in NJ it's been very warm with a few cooler days mixed in. The leaves are slowly changing but are usually farther along by now. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thanks for hosting the party, Richella! We are finally having fall weather here in So Cal too..I'm lovin' it! Have a great weekend!

  4. Richella, thank you so much for sharing my Halloween place card project. I'm so glad that you liked it.

  5. Our weather has gone up and down. One day we're in the 70s and the next 50s. Today it's rainy and cool. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Thanks for hosting the blog party each week and for featuring my almond flour pancakes. These pancakes taste great and are easy to make. I hope you have a nice day and weekend.

  7. Thanks so much for the party Richella! We are enjoying great fall weather here in Colorado. Not too hot, not too cold... just right! However, I know that can change on a dime so I'm going to enjoy every minute. Thanks again and have a great upcoming weekend.

  8. Thanks so much for the encouragement of this feature!

  9. Thanks for hosting each week. Here in the Midwest we are also enjoying the start of fall temperatures. I know that it will get cold soon but this time of year it is just perfect.

  10. Richella,
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time and effort goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  11. Richella, your features always inspire me! Thank you for sharing my post! I truly appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

  12. It's much the same here with the heat dragging on. It still gets fairly warm in the afternoon but at least the mornings and evenings are cool. Thanks for hosting, Richella. Have a blessed weekend.

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