Thursday, March 28

Grace at Home No. 334

Hello! Welcome, and don't blink--it's the end of March already! My goodness, 2019 is going fast, isn't it?

I'm so glad you're here for this week's Grace at Home party, where we celebrate all the ways we make our homes places of grace. Here are some links from last week's party I think you'll enjoy.

If you're decorating your home for Easter, you'll want to see how Erin at My Mommy World created an adorable wreath for the front door. Isn't this so cute?

If you need some encouragement about decorating your home for spring, you really should read this post from Julie at My Wee Abode. Julie shares how she's sprucing up her kitchen for springtime, and she also shares how she got stuck in the comparison trap along the way. Can you relate? I sure can! (I've written a whole book about comparison, which will be coming out in October!)

The calendar says it's Spring, but I know it's still gray and cold in many places. If you need some springtime inspiration, check out this post from Pam at Everyday Living 

I am always looking for new main dish recipes so that I don't keep cooking the same old thing every night. I was so glad to get this recipe for Mongolian beef made in a sheet pan! You can find it here from Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine.

If you need some encouragement about trusting God with everything--including the little things--you'll be so glad to read this post from Dr. Michelle Bengtson.

A big thank you to everyone who joined the last party!  I'm so grateful for each person who links up.

Now for this week's party! Grace at Home is a place for you to share anything related to making your home a place of grace. I invite you to link posts about
  • DIY projects
  • decorating
  • recipes
  • hospitality
  • homemaking tips
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • faith
  • self-care
  • soul care
Whatever you do to make your home a place of grace, I'd like to hear about it.  Here's what I ask of you.  Please include the permalink to your post, not your blog's home page.  Please let people know that you've linked up.  No more than three posts per person, please.  Note that if you link a post here, you are giving me permission to share your post, including a photo.  And visit at least one of the other party participants--that's what really makes it a party!


  1. Thank you for hosting Richella and for featuring my welcoming spring post!! Happy Thursday!

  2. It is amazing how fast this year is going! As I wrote 2019 a couple of days ago, I was contemplating that fact. It seems the older I get the faster they go. Thanks for hosting and see you in April!

  3. Still waiting here for signs of actual spring.
    Thanks for this encouragement to dream!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting! I'm off to leave my links and then visit others' posts. :)

  5. Thank you for hosting, and for the feature, Richella! Hope you have a wonderful week, and please feel free to link-up at Homestyle Gathering via My Wee Abode!

  6. Happy Easter to everyone !
    Thank you so much for hosting for us this week dear friend.

  7. I’m dropping by from #ChasingMYLife. I’m always happy to be here to check out the inspiring recipes and projects. Wishing you a WONDERFUL week ahead.

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